Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Carmen is older than me. Ha.

Yesterday was Carmen's 27th birthday which means she's older than me again.. barely.

After a long day getting all hot and sweaty walking around GPSn, I came home and showered and then Matt, Carmen and I went to Carrabba's.

I think Carrabba's might literally be the best chain restaurant ever. Matt got free beer and crab cakes, and our tiramisu was free too! They gave us all of this free stuff because it was Carmen's birthday and because we were cool. We are cool.

To celebrate further, we went back to Carmen's where we played two games of spades with Brian D (my old roommate) and Matt against Carmen and me.

For those of you who don't know this, Carmen and I are a LETHAL pair when it comes to spades. We do lose, occasionally, but it's pretty rare. We outright spanked the boys two games in a row. It felt good. Damn good. I really think Spades is one of the best skills a person can possess. Jared needs to learn how to play.

Yes, it was a good night. Except for one little thing. On my way between Carmen's front door and my front door (which is separated by about 20 feet), I stubbed the hell out of my flip-flopped pinkie toe. It is the same pinkie toe that I had surgery on 2.5 years ago.

Carmen was kind enough to give me a bag of frozen okra to pack on it while we played spades, but today it still feels like it's constantly being stepped on. Shoes hurt. Walking hurts. What is it with me hurting me toes? Like here and here.

I should just give up on walking already.
hot boot.


Joan said...

Sorry. I feel your pain it took forever for my toe to heal when I broke it on the Toe River when my canoe overturned and I was thrown against a rock. I admit I didn't go to the doctor. I kept a bandaid wrapped around it continuously.
At least you don't have to walk around the JMU campus. It's gonna be brutal.

Carmen Eckard said...

I want you to know that I truely love you and Matt and you saved my birthday from sucking. It was an incredibly cool birthday.

BTW We RULE at spades.