Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"look at that pickle"

can i just say, kellie pickler is Adorable! last night she was just ravishing singing patsy cline. i kinda hope she wins. i'm now officially addicted to this season's American idol.
i saw every performance last night... except chris's. damn it. and i heard it was really good. but i was on my way from sagebrush (eating) to carmen's. damn it. that sucks. here's my analysis of everyone:

mandisa: wonderful.

bucky: how the HELL did he get this far.. and did they fix some of his teeth?? i know i'm not imagining things.. i mean, they aren't all fixed but i KNOW his front teeth weren't that straight before. it's an american idol conspiracy.

lisa: BORING. not as good as she used to be. she may be going home tonight.

paris: pretty good. loved the dress.

kevin: the best i've ever seen him perform. but i still don't like him. eat a frickin hamburger!!! gah!!

taylor: i still don't see what the appeal is with him. if he makes it to the top 5 i will seriously ponder the sanity of the country.

kathryn: AWESOME. she is such a great singer. the best in the competition as far as i'm concerned, and her personality is finally coming out here.

kellie: so cute! i'm starting to really like her. i'd vote for her too, but i like boys more :)

elliot: not his best, but i still like him for some reason.

chris: the highlight at the end that i saw was pretty damn good. wish i could have caught the whole thing.

ace: . hmm. i was intensely disappointed in his performance.. yet again. the falsetto at the end was good... but that can't win the competition. they finally did something with his hair, but a hairband would have been better. don't get me wrong, i still voted for him.. but geez, pick a better song next week, damn!!

well anywho. that's my peanut for the day. :P

oh and:
four days after having toe surgery...

on sunday night i ran over my right foot with one of my crutches. it hurt. i jokingly said to andrea "i think i just broke my toe!!"
today as i was getting ready to bathe (which is fun trying not to get left foot wet, by the way) i noticed this bruise. yay. one surgically enhanced left pinky toe, one broken right middle toe resulting from surgically enhanced left pinky toe. :)


Eddie said...

I have to say, I think Kelly is a bit dim.

"I'm a MINK!"

Allison said...

hahaha! yea.. she's so dumb, but she's from n.c. (like me) so i can understand why she's so dumb.

Katie said...

hey, hey, hey- don't be saying we're all dumb in NC! You stay in your own category with that missy! How about we say that she is from SMALL TOWN, NC instead...
I think Ace was better this week than last, but still not the best. Katharine is my favorite after last night. She's very good.

Allison said...

yea ok she's from SMALL TOWN, NC. but you're from the midwest anyways, right? hehehe. katharine IS really really good.

phaupster said...

i'm glad that kevin is gone. also, i love you, but you're retarded for maiming your other toe. my foot is healing nicely, by the way. wanna go to ace's house tonight? he's having some sort of get together. maybe his mom will cook. :)

Allison said...

actually i found out today that i only SPRAINED my other toe. :) and i'm glad you're not dying from your brush with the cart. sounds good about ace's .. there's a still a possibility that chris and elisabeth might be coming up though.. i'll hollar at you after work. :)