Monday, March 27, 2006

random weekend stuff

here's a few random things i did over the weekend...

*ate yummy jamaican food at the jamaican me crazy restaurant with daniel, katie, and daniel's mom. she's cool. oh, and i'm well aware that the name of the place is actually "island style restaurant", but "jamaican me crazy" sounds way cooler.

*went to an Arbonne skincare party. i'm just not as girly as i should be sometimes. they are really nice products. wish i had a rich husband. and i learned that mineral oil is terrible for your skin.

*went to Walgreen's in hickory for my assignment. Feminine products are fun when made fun of. i'm a little concerned that seth, who assigned me this one, will also be assigning my next task.

*played asshole for the first time since college with three random college student friends of Ace the Corvetter. (I just gave my friend Ace this nickname, so as not to be confused with Ace Young, the American Idol) had fun getting drunk.. and then getting sick :P for the first time in a year.

*almost lost my fourth little piggy to gauze. rewrapped my toe friday night while drunk. this task involves wrapping my pinky toe (which is kind of a dead limb right now) and my fourth little piggy together. i wrapped it a little too tight and woke up with my foot pounding... that shit hurts. had to loosen it up before i could feel my foot again.

*did NOT go out with the two people who i was really looking forward to going out with who i hadn't seen in a LONG time who had promised to come see me this weekend :( chris and elisabeth couldn't make it. :( they're still invited to my party.

*went to O'Charlie's saturday night to party a little with some brushers. while there, i saw Asshole Adrian blatantly going home with a little slutbag whore that just started. this wouldn't be a problem, but for the past month he has been commited to my good friend lindsey. i'm going to get my paycheck from the brush tonight where i will be sure to tell her about this. she'll probably jump on me for being a gossip hound. but she needs to know.

*talked to ex beau adam for an hour. :)


countdown to POTC 2 : 102 days
countdown to birthday party: 33 days
countdown to homeownership: 4 days


Katie said...

Party Of The Century 2?

Allison said...

Pirates of the Caribbean 2! Dead Man's Chest!