Friday, March 24, 2006

love from 3000 miles away

"Dearest Allison Joy,

thank you for reaching out to me. yes i am alive and my phone my phone is down. ive chosen a job here that pays less than mcdonalds. the recieving job for all the books is really easy but it pays less than i was making in boone. i went from 13.5o on my friend's couch to 7.25 in the new house. soooooooo i have had to make some changes. i stopped smoking. for a while. ill smoke again but it wont be the same. something has changed. i miss you a lot. sometimes i see my ex and she tells me i should get back together with you. she doesnt know a thing about you but my friends do. and they say so too. do you think that maybe some day you may want to come out here to americas riskiest experiment? you know now that you are a real estate mogul and all, or do you live in florida with your new boyfriend, what's floridiot? well i gotta go i just e-mailed my dad for 4 hours. no editing either, very good e-mail for me. i don't know if its gonna go right by him or if he'll get it. i think he will. i may forward them to you seee what you think. no editing. 1st thought best thought. let me know. i miss our connection. it did hurt talking to you though, but its good. i miss you. i need to sleep. i'll dream of us. snow, the way you smelled, the way you woke up. my mom's house.
im sleeping. all my love for you
Sean "



phaupster said...

wow. what was your response to that?

Allison said...

i haven't respoded yet, my myspace doesn't work at my job anymore, and i got this this morning.

Katie said...

woah. is that the hot guy in california?

Allison said...

yep.. that's my california dreamboat. it's too's just too bad.