Wednesday, March 29, 2006

american idol

last night no one impressed me. elliot and paris and kathryn were okay. but nobody made me want to vote. so i didn't. oh, and what the HELL was kathryn wearing? ew.

but the worst part of the whole night was chris. sorry. but i fucking HATE creed so much that i wanted to rip off my ears while he was singing. it would have still been a bad performance compared to usual even if he hadn't sang creed.

drops of jupiter has always been one of my favorite songs and ace butchered it. at least that scar is hot.

i predict lisa will be the one to go home tonight. we'll see.

can you tell it left a bad taste in my mouth?


Katie said...

it was an awful show! I think this is the worst top 12 EVER. I'm glad Lisa's gone.

Allison said...

i don't think it's the worst top 12 ever, but i am disappointed. i'm so glad lisa's gone but what was mcphee doing in the bottom 3?