Wednesday, March 08, 2006


my subject lines never make much sense, do they?

i had a great time in florida, but there is just WAY too much to blog about. elora is beautiful but an intense brat. but after having spent a week with her at her worst, and not bursting into tears at any point (unlike the time i babysat her as a 2 year old), i think i can handle a kid pretty well. my patience didn't really run out on her at all. if anything, i was sad because she can be really mean when she wants to be. a 5 year old that can make you feel bad about yourself is just dangerous. i will make a good mom one day. but not anytime soon, sorry mom.

oh and seeing my grandpa was actually really good. he wasn't near as bad as everyone said he would be. apparently some new medicine he's taking is really helping him out. i mean sure he was a lot slower and quieter and sadder than i remember him, but he seemed to know who we were the whole time we were around. so that's good. that's the best way i could have hoped for possibly the last time i get to see him.

that's enough about the vaca. here are the pictures.

the house stuff is going great right now. the home inspector found a few things wrong with it. most were minor things like doors that wouldn't latch, but there were two big things. first, the dishwasher was rusty and wouldn't drain. also, the upstairs bathroom used to have a leaky tub (which has since been replaced) and the floor has a weak spot from the water seapage. these are bad. but i found out monday that the owner has agreed to fix EVERYTHING, including putting in a new dishwasher. that's so awesome.

my step dad doesn't seem to think that the pugs will be mating anytime soon, so it looks like it'll be a while before i get a puppy. so, katie, i'm thinking when i move in, i will maybe be cool and adopt a kitty from the shelter. yea, i know i could just take lucifer, my kitty at my mom's house, but i wouldn't want to seperate him from his fellow feline friends. plus, at 10 years old, he still occasionally pees in the house. but then again, he also somehow taught himself to pee in the toilet...

anywho that's what's up. no new guy news. i don't talk to dustin anymore, it's just easier that way. i saw ryan (the last blind date) at the gym the other night and talked to him. and i haven't really talked to the ex other than the occasional myspace message.

tonight: american idol boys. i think ace is beautiful, but maybe he doesn't have a great enough voice to get him all the way. i'm starting to lean towards chris. partly because he's from NC, and partly because he's just so darn cool. i mean, marrying a woman and adopting her kids before you're even 30 and loving them like your own? that's just sweet. plus, he has a cool voice.

ah well.


Katie said...

I'm with you on Chris- I like him a lot. Ace did a good job last night, and I will be sad if he goes home- ever. I think he sounded like Robin Thicke last night. I love him.
I'll keep my eye out for kittens on the swap shop, and I'm sure there'll be lots at the shelter soon too. Spring's coming up, and that's kitty time!

Allison said...

yea but i can't get a kitty til after i move in, although it is nice to see pretty kitties.
oh and i LOVED ace last night. loved him.

phaupster said...

i'm glad you had a nice time with your grandpa. i want to go out of state with you sometime soon. or maybe to morehead city...brian's dad lives there, i have some family, you have friends, and satterfield's parents are 30 minutes away. we could do maybe a long weekend...

Allison said...

carmen, i think morehead city is a great idea. we could take a weekend trip on may 12-14. i know you're in school. but go here and you'll find out why: