Thursday, March 09, 2006

ace of hearts

hehehe i'm so girlie.. but seriously that ace guy made me SWOON last night. swoon. i was literally thinking of licking the tv screen.. but it was carmen's tv, and satterfield and brian the dj/cook walked in as i was just about to move closer. i did pronounce my undying love for him. sure, he doesn't have the best voice on the show, but he still has a great voice. plus, when you look like that, and you have a decent voice, you're gonna get all the punani you can handle. i mean LOOK:
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hello, i'm panting here.

you know how i love those buttchins. he was asked which previous idol contestant he most identified with. his answer? Constantine :). i don't care what anyone says i loved constantine. and i maintain that bo bice is a caveman. there.

and chris was good last night too. not as good as the week before, but good. bucky looks rough. the scarey thing is that there are two of them. his twin has even worse teeth than him... *shudder*

the guy that can't hear, he's not pretty, but he has a really nice voice. i think i may actually pull for him on the off chance that ace and chris are taken out (which won't happen). ok ok enough american idol talk.

last night i went to buffalo wild wings with carmen and we had a LOT of fun. we ran into our old neighbor, crazy dave, and we sang karaoke. i sang "sweet child o' mine". carmen sang "what i got". i was awful. although, i did do my patented axl dance, so i had fun. and some nasty old man said i was pretty. gee thanks. but crazy dave was fun. he was so sloshed, i bet he won't even remember seeing us. we used to fear him.. living next door to him was like living next door to a time bomb. but he was cool last night, again, cause he was sloshed. i think he may have even been drunkenly flirting with me. too bad he's such a nutjob.


phaupster said...

i have to tell you about dave almost getting into a fight with ace at a different bar later last night.

about idol, agreed.

Katie said...

I heart Ace. He'll have to go on my list. Right below Robin Thicke. yeah.

Allison said...

oh my god crazy dave really IS crazy.

oh and ace is definitely on my list, right below johnny.