Tuesday, March 21, 2006

oot and aboot

hehehe aboot.
well folks, i made it alive. my toe surgery went pretty smoothly. they gave me two valiums to start out with, so i was feeling no pain in the Operating Room, although i could feel them scraping my bone. that is a WEIRD feeling.. *shudder***

anywhoo. then i was on crutches all weekend.. at least while i was awake. mostly i spent all weekend asleep. my mommy took care of me.. while i was there we also celebrated my niece madelyn's 2nd birthday. i'm getting old!! my youngest niece is 2 already!! i need to pop one out soon if he is to be close with his cousins.. or.. nah.. i really don't think so.

mmmm cake!!

anywho. no plans for this week other than sleeping a lot. chris and elisabeth, my homies from days of boone, may be coming to visit me friday! we'll see!!

and after having not spoken to each other for about a month, i got a random friendly message from dustin.. hmm..

oh and sunday night i talked to the ex for about an hour on the phone!! he said he was sorry he didn't get to see me this weekend.. well what he actually said was "i would have liked to have seen ya darn it". :) *sigh*

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