Friday, June 30, 2006


i told my ex-beau adam about what was going on with me and this is how he responded:
"younger women are at a pretty low risk for advanced cervical cancers. Growths, if they are abnormal, are often just a pre-cancerous dysplasia (no, i had to look it up) that can be removed easily. If the growth has become cancerous its unlikely to have spread far and can also be removed easily. Cancers in red-headed classy broads are almost unheard of. The wearing of an eye patch and going "yarrr" has been shown to be highly effective in the prevention of cancers of the cervix and of the parrot."

rather than type out AGAIN what my "results" were i'll just copy and paste from my response to him:
"wow it is so sweet of you to look all of that stuff up for me. the pre-cancerous dysplasia is pretty much what i have. HPV between levels II and III. i have to go in for a cone biopsy on july 24th. i get a week off of both jobs though! they said something about the bad cells are like right on the edge of what they took out with the leap test and they just want to make sure there aren't any more any further in. my mother had a cone biopsy in '75 which is why she had to have 3 cessarian sections. i don't know how to spell cessarian but i think that's right. anywho surgeries have improved since then so i might not have to have c-sections.. but i don't think i would mind if i had too. but i have a looooooong time before i ever have to worry about that one. "

yea.. so i'm not worried.

carmen got a new car and it is the hotness.

tonight i work with big pete! yay!


Sam said...

Well thank god. Hopefully everything turns out 100% fine. You'll get to experience the bum life for a week, that'll be nice. :)

Yay for working with big pete tonight!

phaupster said...

yay for my new car! i already knew the other stuff, and i've commented in person, but again can i say, yay for my new car!

michelle said...

I've had biopsies taken, too. Unfortunately, the horrible doctor I went to didn't tell me that she was going to take them before she did. Most people are told to take a couple of advil/motrin ahead of time. I hear it helps.
It sounds like you've got a good doctor, though. Keep her!! And good luck. I'm glad you're staying on top of it!

Allison said...

thanks yall. your support really helps!