Monday, May 07, 2007

A few random notes.

RUTLESS is back.

Which means it is highly likely that I may have an accident which causes me to die anytime in the next two to three months. We shall see. Hopefully I won't have to eat anymore lottery tickets. Or go all day without using my cell phone. Or cover my body with permanent marker.

Although, if I get to do another cool one like this again, I won't mind. Keep an eye out.

My Cinco de Mayo/Birthday party didn't happen. My guest of honor, Brad, couldn't make it to Hickory due to a family emergency. And since pretty much everybody else was already busy, except Sam, I just canceled it. I'm okay with that though. I did go to El Paso with Katie and Daniel, and Stephen Foxy. Then I went home to do nothing. There's something to be said for sitting at home alone on a Saturday night reading Harry Potter with a slight margarita buzz on. And then Jared came home so my day was complete.

The best part of my weekend was during the day on Saturday when I cleaned my room from top to bottom and filled up six trash bags with clothes. Two went to the dumpster and four go to Goodwill. I feel so much better having unloaded some of the clothes I've been clinging to for years. It feels amazing to be able to say "It's time". Time to let go of stupid trashy coats I don't need anymore. Time to let go of t-shirts I've had since high school. Time to let go of that one t-shirt that may or may not have belonged to the ex. Zen. I now have a whole free closet for Jared's clothes.


And one more thing.. five days til I get to bring home Beefcake!

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