Thursday, May 03, 2007

this week


All of the awesomeness from the past couple of weeks is starting to wear me thin.
Tomorrow is more running around. During the day I am pricing items at grocery stores for the Cost of Living Index for Hickory. Then, Jared and I are going to Asheville for his sister's graduation/pinning ceremony. She is graduating from Western Carolina with a nursing degree. So smart.

Luckily on Saturday and Sunday I have very few plans. Except for this whole birthday party/ Cinco de Mayo party I'm supposed to be having Saturday night. You're all invited. It won't be anything huge though. Of course, before hand I plan on being at El Paso for some tastey Pollo Loco and a few margaritas.

And on Sunday? Satellite company #2 will be coming out to see if they can put up a satellite at my condo. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I have got to get away from the evil cable company.

Stephen Foxy would like to get Rutless started up again. Anyone interested?

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Joan said...

Thanks for the invite. I can't make it. We're kitty proofing our house if there is such a thing! Have a great time.