Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day

Gas to drive from Hickory to Carowinds and back: approximately $20.00

Parking at Carowinds: $10.00

Two adult park admissions with coupon to Carowinds: $70.00

Beer, Powerade that was supposed to be coke, and locker for clothes while swimming at Carowinds: $13.00 + $4.50 + $12.00 = $29.50

Wearing your swimsuit for the first time in public and truly not giving a damn whether or not anyone is looking at you because you know your beloved thinks you're beautiful: priceless.

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Jared and I had a grand old time being young and in love at Carowinds on Monday. I hope your Memorial Day was equally as great.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun with the splashy splashy and that you didnt get too sunburned!

Allison said...

nope, spf 50!!