Monday, May 14, 2007

New Addition

Well I brought home Meatwad's new brother, Beefcake, on Saturday. It was an eventful day. As soon as I got him home, I lost him for 3 hours. After having completely torn apart my house looking for him, I finally found him about 2 feet from where I lost him, under a dresser I didn't know he could get under. Poor little guy was stunned. I brought him out and we hung out on my couch and took a nap together for a few hours. So far he is NOT a fan of Bertha, Carmen's dog. He hissed and spit at her. He has hissed at Meatwad a few times, but now they are playing, I think. Meatwad seems to be heartbroken and pissed off. I think he's really mad at me. He won't let me pet him at all now, even though I bought him a shiny new toy at PetSmart. I hope he gets over that.

Beefcake is adorable and very active. Very Fast. Very Cute. Very Fun. And it really is cute to see him attack Meatwad's tail. :) I love him already.


Now if I could just get over this bout of nausea I've had for the past 2 days so I can thoroughly enjoy kitten time!


Carmen said...

oh dear. jon and i went to your house and played with this guy for a long time. i've never had so much fun with a kitten. he played and played and played and then rubbed against us purring. we love him.

Allison said...

i do too. glad u liked him

Joan said...

Don't feel bad. I lost Chloe. I couldn't find her this morning. She ended up being in the room where we left her but I have no idea where. I thought I looked everywhere.

Katie said...

Sneaky little boogers!