Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What's going on with me lately?
Well there's all of the obvious that you know about, new car, new cat, new roomie.
The sad thing about it all is that everything happened at once, and now there isn't anything going on. Well, Jared's still in the process of moving in, but he is more or less there already.

This past weekend I was off all weekend. I had taken Friday night off from the Brush so that I could go to the office putt-putt tournament. Then I realized that this putt-putt tournament, which is usually more of a cookout/excuse to drink with a little bit of putt-putt on the side, was this year going to be an actual putt-putt-oriented excursion with no cookout and only a few people there. Since Jared and I were both going to be off work, and he couldn't even participate in the tournament anyways (since he's not an employee at my office), we decided to have a date-night instead. Outback and movies. Yum-my.

Saturday and Sunday I did nothing but sleep and watch tv. I feel so lazy. It seems like all I want to do here lately is be lethargic. I do manage to do the minimum of housework (laundry, dishes, litter-box cleaning) but that's about it. Blurh. That's what I have to say to real housework!

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Carmen said...

you should feel great. i have trouble with the litter box cleaning, laundry and dishes. i do occasionaly sleep. :)