Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year

We were supposed to play poker Monday night. Brian, my old roomie, was going to come over and bring a guy or two and we were all going to play poker. So I call him Monday, and he was at work. Gah! Then Carmen has to go to some party with all these theater geeks. So Jared and I decide we're gonna have a psuedo date-night. As we were sitting on the couch relaxing deciding where we wanted to go to eat, we get a phone call.

From the Brush.

Begging us to come in and work. They were getting their figurative asses handed to them and needed us desperately to help out. Supposedly with 60 people on a wait.

So we went into work. I bartended and Jared manager-hosted. *sigh*. At least I made some moolah and got some needed excercise. But Still.

We got out of there around 11:15 and we were still hungry. So we went to Hooters. It was the least busy place and I wanted junk food. So we had a couple of drinks and wings and watched the ball drop at Hooters.

It really was pretty nice. There were only about 10 other customers in there and everybody was celebrating. I got my New Year's Kiss from my Jared.

Then we went home and drank some champagne in the hot tub. Good stuff.

And New Year's Day? I did nothing. Slept until 1:00. Went to the bank, and ate pizza delivery for dinner.

I love being lazy.

Tonight, my other old roomie Andrea is in town and we are going to El Paso! Ole!

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Carmen Eckard said...


and it sucked about poker. i miss you. see you soon.