Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This week = okay so far!

Sunday night I got to hang out with Katiebonk and watch some 90210 and drink beer and eat yummy chicken ceasar wraps.

Monday night I played Taboo for hours with Carmen, Jon and Matt.

Yesterday GPSn was actually pleasant outside!

Last night I got to sit around with my man and eat pizza and watch Hell's Kitchen.

These are all good things.

I'm thinking this week might be better than last. Good.

Oh, and yesterday I saw this:
Black Widow trying to eat me.
A HUGE black widow in a water meter. It tried to get me. I laughed at it and took a picture with my camera phone.


Alisa said...

Good for you with the spider! I would have screamed bloody murder and ran.

Carmen Eckard said...

Matt and Jon=great partners for us to play Taboo!

Joan said...

Stopping to take a picture? You sound like me.