Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Say No! To Shoestrings.

I noticed last night that I don't have very many pairs of shoes with shoestrings. Well, I do, but only because I have so many pairs of shoes. I only have a couple of pairs that I sometimes wear that have strings.

Both the pairs of sneakers that I often wear are shoestring-less. This makes me happy.

Shoestrings are annoying. You have to bend over. You have to use finger muscles. You have to remember what order to use the strings in!

Therefore, I've decided to break free the world of strings!

From now on, I'm not buying any shoes that require me to tie strings together!

The only shoes with strings that I might occasionally wear are these:
My new shoes

and these:
my shoes and philly bogart

But only occasionally, since they are made for flat-footed people and I have arches.


Carmen Eckard said...

You are weird. Although I see your point...I have one pair that I wear a lot and they have leather strings. They don't stay tyed right and it really makes me mad.

KariBeri said...

Now those are hip green laces lady! During the summer I hate wearing shoes, and would love to be able to walk around barefoot. So I always wear sandals.

Joan said...

Hmm, my only lace shoes are my running shoes and my hiking shoes. Unfortunately I don't have an opportunity to wear them as much as I would like.