Friday, January 02, 2009

Dumb Poetry I Just Made Up.

A Friday morning pick-me-up if you will:

(It's a Poem about love)

I love sleep.
Sleep is great.
Sleep is so good
I wish it could date.

I love steak,
it tastes so fine.
I wish I could make it
mine, all mine.

I love my cats,
they make my day.
they're so fat and fluffy,
and they might be gay.

I love football,
but my teams are both done.
Guess I'll cheer for the Panthers.
But in my heart, the Bucs won.

I love my friends,
they've got my back.
When old men make me cry,
They'll call him a f***ing ass.

I love green,
It's cozy and bright.
When I see my green couch,
it's a comfortable sight.

*finger snapping**finger snapping**finger snapping*


Joan said...

I agree other than I don't like steak that much, my cat isn't fat & lives only with humans. Go Panthers!
take care.

Sam said...

Is it weird that when I read that, I kind of sung it to myself in my head to a tune that I just made up?

Allison said...

Sam-I don't think that's weird. I think that's awesome.

Stephen said...

*plays bongos in background*