Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm such a pushover.

Last year, I made a solemn vow not to watch American Idol anymore since the producers seemed to hate my favorite contestant, Jason Castro.

I swore I was only going to watch again if they allowed my friend Stephen to compete (which, he is awesome and has been shafted every year). I maintained this vow over the summer and fall and into winter. But then, the commercials started. And dammit, I'm a sucker for this stupid show. I guess I'm sucked in again. I blame DVR for making it so easy to record and skip through the crappy parts.

I do, however, wish they could leave out all the bad singers and idiots that are only on camera because the producers want to make fun of them. If they only showed the decent singers, I would like this part a lot more.

Two nights into it I have a few people who I like so far. I can't think of their names though. Maybe once Hollywood week rolls around, I'll be more apt to say who. I've never picked the winner, but I've come close with Blake Lewis (2nd place to Jordin Sparks).

Last night, Jason Castro's little brother Michael auditioned. Okay, so he wasn't great and I fully expect him to not make it to the top 36, but look how cute:

I just want to pinch his little emo cheeks! And come on, I can still call myself a Castronaut if he makes it!


Carmen said...

Dork. :)

Katie Bonk said...

Carmen beat me to it.

Sam said...

I was going to say 'gay' but I guess 'dork' works. =P

Marie said...

Freakin' adorable family...