Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So, you know how for the past few years, I've been telling everybody about The Avett Brothers, telling everyone who would listen about how amazing they are and how soul clutching they are, and how good it makes me feel to listen to them? You know, that they're THE GREASTEST BAND EVER?!

Well, finally people are taking my hint. First off, two of my twitter friends, Gnumoon and LoveyH (Leila and Michelle), are both Avett fans, without me even introducing them. Secondly, I just looked at the touring page on their website and noticed that, hey!, they are going on tour with Dave Matthews Band. Yes, Dave Matthews. DAVE MATTHEWS!!! If only I could get a ticket to their Charlotte show, I'd be in hog heaven! Of course, DMB tickets usually sell out within minutes, and I'm not planning on getting up early and waiting in line for that, especially since the day the go on sale is the day I'm leaving for Savannah, but I would love to go.

Luckily for me, I've seen them many other times, and would prefer seeing them in smaller venues anyway. Have I mentioned that I kind of know Seth Avett? Sure I have.. I was just making sure you knew that.

Oh, and? WNCW 88.7, which is pretty big radio station around here, mostly listened to by hippies.. er.. I mean, artsy, smart people, held a listener vote and voted The Second Gleam, The Avetts' newest album, as the number album of 2008. For all of the world. Yea, that's right. AWESOME. I would link to the website for the station where it lists the top 100, but my office internet a-hole has blocked the site, even the home page. But you can google it and then when you find the home page, click the 'Top 100' link on the left.

So anywho I met a new friend a couple of weeks ago and professed my love for all things Avett, and he had never heard of them (he lives in Fayetteville). I'm going to send him a CD. In the meantime, he has told me about a band he likes, called the Holy Ghost Tent Revivial. Last night, I finally got around to listening to some of their music on myspace and I am loving them so far! They are like early Avett Brothers, and they even list the Avetts as an influence. This is good stuff.

And how's this for a coincidence? The very week I discover them, they are playing at Drip's Coffee House here in Hickory. It's tommorrow night and I think I'll go. Just to see if they're all that. Thanks for introducing me, Chris.


Sam said...

I was able to get Dave Matthews tickets last year pretty easily, of course they were on the lawn but they weren't bad. I bet you could get them if you tried... just do it online.

I do agree seeing bands you like in huge venues like that sucks though. I'd much rather go to a small club.

Anonymous said...

what did you think of HGTR?

Allison said...

is that you Chris?