Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, I know what you're all wondering, how does a 5 hour each way trip to Savannah end up taking 17 hours? Here's the story.

At 1:00 on Friday, I met Tracy and her sister Brianne at Katie's house, where we packed into one car and headed to lunch at the delicious Italy Grill. We officially left for Savannah at 2 pm.

Tracy is prone to car sickness, so she gets to sit up front the whole time (which is fine by me, I prefer riding in the back). Since she is up front, she is to assume the duty of navigator. This is also fine because she has serious eye sight. Eagle eyes.

She asks for the directions, to which Katie replies something like, "they are in the side pocket of the door, the google maps directions". Tracy grabs a handful of folded up directions, and chooses one from the bunch. I notice that the directions she chose were a bit crumpled, but I figured it was because Katie goes to Savannah quite often and reuses her directions.

We drive along, la-di-da, and finally get off the interstate and Tracy announces we should be there within the hour. We drive past a shopping center with a Buckhead Pizza place and Katie says, "I wonder if we're near Buckhead!?". Then there is some confusion as to where to go next and somehow, a lightbulb goes off in Katie's head.

"Do those directions end on MLK Drive?"

Tracy goes to the next page and announces "No, they end on Runhouse Way*".

"Those are the directions to my sister's house in Atlanta!"

It is now when everyone in the car starts asking themselves, 'how far is this from Savannah'? We pulled off into a parking lot and Katie checks her awesome GPS on her phone and gives us the bad news: "Four and a half hours." That's right. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS.

So, after all this, we didn't get to Savannah until about 10:45 pm. Luckily, since we are all girls, none of got upset about it. We still managed to have fun and talk the whole way down. When we got there we settled in for a minute and then went to a bar and had a few good drinks, giving us time to unwind after all that driving/riding. Poor Katie. I don't know that I could take all that driving at once.

Saturday we spent the day having a great time, drinking Wet Willies, bar hopping, walking around River St and the Market. We had a nice dinner at Kevin Barrie's. Then we went out dancing until around 2 am. I danced with a very nice Brazillian boy who had no idea how to speak or understand English. But he was nice and his friend bought us girls testtube shots. Wee!

Sunday, we left at 11:00, all positive and optimistic about how short the drive home would seem after the goofup on the way down. This is foreshadowing.

We have a nice, easy (with the exception of some rain) drive all the way to Rock Hill, when out of nowhere, the traffic stops and people are backing up on I-77. Seriously, reverse lights from the car in front of us. This is because we were right after an exit and people were deciding they should get off the interstate there. We roughed it out though. The thought of reversing on the interstate was not something we wanted to do. After we sat still for a while, Katie turned on the radio. The dj announced that some idiot had hit the Amber Alert sign on the interstate, and that both directions had subsequently been closed. *YAY*. So, we inched along. For 2 hours. At one point we got out to stretch, take pictures, and dance around a little bit.

When we finally inched off I-77 and got around the traffic, we got back on I-77 and made it the rest of the way home without incident. We hadn't planned on stopping again, but since we were stuck for SOOO long, we all had to stop to pee and figured we might as well have dinner.

Thus, our return trip from Savannah took Eight hours. EIGHT.

But alas, we still had fun. We are girls and girls know how to turn even the craziest car trip into a fun time. I'd do it again if I had to.

Pictures to come soon!

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Sam said...

Ahahahaha, that is hilarious! I'm glad you still managed to have fun after all that and not kill the driver/navigator.