Friday, December 09, 2005

family sucks.

i'm not sure, but i think my asshole brother may have said something to dr. boone to make him not want to talk to me anymore. i've only spoken to him once this week. i sent him a myspace message and a text message and an aim im and have recieved no response. maybe he's just busy. but i had a conversation with my brother on wednesday night, and i get the feeling he said something to dr. boone. you see, my brother is an asshole. and he doesn't like the idea of me seeing dr. boone. in fact, he hates it. he said bad things to me about dr. boone, trying to scare me away. but it didn't. i still like him, just as much. my brother is just an ass.

and i swear if i find out that he has been talking to dr. boone in an attempt to keep him away from me, i'll be sure to give him the silent treatment for at least 1 year. at least.

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phaupster said...

lets pretend like we're sisters.