Friday, December 02, 2005

i was a one line wonder in my own love sooooong

oh i love those avett brothers songs...

there are a few things in this world that i am REALLY good at. baking rum cakes is definitely one of those. i made one last night.. it is So good. it's just perfectly moist and mouth watering.. and i didn't boil the glaze quiiiite long enough so it's nice and potent. wasn't ready til about 11:30 last night.

myspace is ADDICTIVE. i'm on it all day at work. and yesterday i got internet at home.. so last night i was on it all night while i was at home. and instant messenger.. *sigh*

i was planning on getting a much larger longevity check (christmas bonus) than i actually recieved, and was going to go ahead and splurge on some ebay panthers/bucs tickets. good seats.. but you know what? fuck that. i can't get anyone to commit to going with me anyways.. so i guess i'm going to have to wait and see what happens. i may have more fun watching it on tv anyways, when i can snuggle up on the couch.. going would have been good, but i don't want to go if my seats are going to be shitty. i'm one of THOSE people. if i don't have good seats, i don't want to go.

i can't WAIT for tuesday night! going to see MC CHRIS in raleigh! yay! i'm going to meet that guy and get an autograph. because i can, i'm that good. watch you'll see. i'm not working the day after, but on thursday, when i come into work, i'll have mc chris's name written in marker on my boobs. (just kidding, it'll be on my cd cover!).

little nervous... tonight i may be driving down to concord for a visit with dr. boone.. i'm going to be so tired tomorrow .. we have a mandatory 9 am staff meeting at dillbrush.. where they are basically going to bitch us out for 2 hours. boo. but hey, when it's over i get to go back to sleep until 3 when i have to be BACK there for work. but then after work... it's POKER TIME! honestly i'm not that excited about the poker, i'm excited about the friends!! carmen, satt., brian the dj/cook, possibly asshole adrian (yes i changed his name, i can do that!), ace, and last but not least, Brad will be there! yay! and possibly his psuedo gf mandy..
there's going to be a shit ton of eggnog, and cookies, and yes, my rumcake.

i'm not going to be worth a damn on sunday. and i don't care.


phaupster said...

I can't wait to try your rumcake! Ummmmmmmmm. And eggnog. Ummmmmmmm. Gonna be fun times, and I'm excited. I'm sorry that you're not going to go to the game. My bonus was 1/2 gone from taxes....hardly worth mentioning really. Anyway, that sucks.

To make you smile: Cindy asked to be added as one of Brian's friends on myspace, and he denied it. He hehe. That amuses me to no end.

Hope dinner was good last night. In one hour, I get to chow down on my soup. Awesome!

Allison said...

mmmm i'd like to chow down on your soup!!

phaupster said...

it gots mushroooms. :(

Katie said...

Hmmmph. I don't wanna hear about everyone's bonuses, and how they aren't enough. Ask me out much I get for a bonus! Go on! Ask!!!

Allison said...

um... how much?

Katie said...