Monday, December 12, 2005

"how bout them panthers?"

well, my weekend started out "el terrible" but ended up not so bad. friday just plain out sucked.
i was in a bad mood starting out from not talking to dr. boone. then it got worse when he actually did manage to grace with me a two sentence message. nothing horrible, just nothing good. what can you do to help someone when they won't let you help? when they won't even talk to you? NOTHING. that's what you can do. just sit back and wait. well fuck that. i'm the worst person in the world when it comes to patience. i have none. none. i'm trying here though. and of course since C talked to my brother on saturday night, now she doesn't like dr. boone either. but me, i'm still torn. i think this is the point where i just keep everything bottled up inside. that works for me. definitely.

at least friday and saturday i made pretty good tips for once. and i got to hang out with friends both nights. drinking and what have you.

and app won!! yay!! i'm still working on going to the championship game friday in chatanooga!! it's a possibility for sure!!

but the best part about the whole weekend was definitely yesterday around 3:50 pm when it became apparent that the buccaneers, my team, were actually going to beat the panthers. don't get me wrong, i'm a north carolinian, therefore i'm a panthers fan. EXCEPT when they play the bucs. because after all, i'm a floridian by birth. loyalty. look it up. let me just say it feels really nice to notice that all of the people who not 2 months ago would walk past saying really annoying shit like "how bout them panthers?" are now avoiding walking past my desk at all. that set them in their smug little places. i'm glad my roommate was definitely not smug about it. or else i'd be forced to say "how bout them bucs?" to her. but she's cool, so we're cool. in fact, i didn't bring it up at all last night, and we hung out most of the night. now, when my boss eventually gets here, i'm gonna HAVE to say something.


and last night i had fun. i finished up most of my christmas shopping. and then i hung out at C's again. this time we watched the "Last Laugh '05" thing on comedy central with c, satt, brian the dj/cook, ace, lavier (my psuedo boss at the brush) and dustin. yes, dustin. it was pretty funny. i think i'm growing into a shatner fan!

*SIGH* well anyways maybe this week will turn out better and i won't cry myself to sleep like i did for the first time in years on saturday night.


phaupster said...

i knew you weren't as fine as you pretended to be! listen-if you still want to go for this thing, then i will support you. i love you. you are my best friend. therefore, i will support you. only you. in whatever decision you make. i hope that the things alan said aren't true. if you choose not to believe them, then i won't believe them either.

this whole things sucks, and i'm sorry.

i had a really good time with you this weekend, despite all this hoopla.

i'm sorry that talking to a turned this into a bigger mess than it was previously. i never have good ideas, and you shouldn't ever listen to me.

Allison said...

oh carmen. i know you meant well. and i have a hard time believing that alan would make something like that up. he is a jackass, but he isn't a liar. i don't know. we'll just see what happens.

Dustin said...

OK, I HAVE to comment. I wasn't referenced in being put in my place, but I can't be silent forever. :-p Yes, the bucs beat the panthers. They sure did, they whipped them actually, the game was never close. They wanted it and Carolina didn't. However, I as well as everyone else knows that all streaks must come to an end. A 5 game winning streak of Tampa is still nice. They had to win eventually.

Allison said...

damn right they did. and thanks for FINALLY commenting on my blog again.

Dustin said...

hey, it's what i do