Monday, December 05, 2005

since you asked.

i love eggnog. carmen makes especially yummy eggnog. on saturday, i drank about 4 small cups of it. and was drunk. not just tipsy, drunk. had to catcha ride home drunk. it was a good night though. a lot of people were there! carmen and satterfield, brian the dj/cook, ace, b, mandy, erika and jessica(from the brush), mona (works with carmen), brandon and chris.. and.. let's see i know i'm forgetting someone.. hm.... who could it be... someone .... who.. oh! bertha! hahaha.. how could i forget bertha! and their new kitty cheddar who you can see pics of on my flickr...

oh and dustin was there to ;). ha! dustin has decided to come back around and be part of our group again. good for him. we even had a little joke too. mona was sending someone a text message and i made a comment about "never send drunken text messages, trust me, it's a bad idea". that had him laughing. and we were nice and civil to each other. i'm glad to be his friend again. i missed his funny youngster ass.

over all the christmas poker was pretty awesome.. of course i lost twice.. really quickly..i wasn't drunk enough when we started, so i did horribly. but it's all good. i had eggnog, rum cake, a special star christmas cookie, and lots of good times. then mandy, b, and i went back to my house and i went to sleep. like a good girl.

and then yesterday i did ABSOLUTELY nothing except watch 4 episodes of scrubs before i had to go to work at 5, where i did more of ABSOLUTELY nothing. then to carmen's to play with cheddar.

and that was my weekend.

why are you still reading?
did i forget something?

oooooooooooooooooooooooh, you want to hear about my friday night?
come on now, i don't kiss and tell! well, ok ...

i worked friday night. left at exactly 11 pm. got to ktown around 12.15 am.
we talked. we burned the candle that i brought him, that i hand made. it smelled nice.
then we decided to watch a movie. he had told me to bring a movie, anything i wanted. it was my choice whether to bring a dvd (living room, couch) or a vhs (bedroom). i brought two VHS's.. hehehe.. i brought SNatch (guy movie, but one i love) and the princess bride (one of the greatest movies ever made, and what my blog is named after). i told carmen these choices. she said if he picks the princess bride, he's a keeper.
he picked princess bride.

then we snuggled.. all through the night. it was so nice.. i'm really liking this cuddly snuggly happiness.

of course it couldn't last too long. stupid sagebrush. i had to leave at 8 am to drive an hour to be at the meeting.. sigh.. i'm like cinderella and sagebrush is midnight.

"no more rhymes now, i mean it! anybody want a peanut?"


phaupster said...

after reading your old blogs today, i realized how much more we hang out these days, and i'm very happy about it. i love that when i read your blogs, i realize i was there most of the time. and i'm so glad he picked princess bride. i thought he would.

and, you didn't mention that the reason you left friday at 11 is because WE ARE AWESOME!

anyway...i'm so happy to watch you be all bubbly about this guy. and it was cool that dustin came. hope to see more of that guy. as long as we don't play spades. i often go nil with a 10, and i don't want any flack for it. :)

peace player.

Allison said...

oh geez, not a 10!!!!
and damn right we should play spades again. it has been a loooong time since i've played.
but now that i'm online at home, we could even play from home... hm....

phaupster said...


phaupster said...

also, that rum cake was just about the best thing i've ever had.