Friday, December 30, 2005

another one bites the dust.

well if there's anyone out there who's wondering what happened with dr. boone, let's just say, he didn't take it well.
in fact, he was pretty pissed.
i got home yesterday and signed on to aim, then went to get shit out of my car. i came back to:
Adam: wow
Adam: ya know
Adam: dont hold back or anything
Adam: I am not senstive at all
Adam: sorry for pissing you off
Adam: dont even know what I did
Adam: and frankly
Adam: I think youre just upset cause you liked me way much more than I liked you
Adam: and you dont like that
Adam: so now you have to make the bad guy
Adam: so go ahead do
Adam: I give a shit

then we had a "conversation" and he basically called me a bitch, then he would apologize for being an asshole, then he would put me down, then himself.. blah blah blah.

how can someone say "i really like you, a lot. and i want to take things slow", then turn around a week later and tell you to forget about them?

lucky for him, i have.
i don't even care.
what a dick.
good thing him i'm mature enough to not actually go through with my plan of egging his car. :)

besides, i have someone else who is much better than him to spend my time with. only, i'm just now realizing it. thanks for the patience, you.

p.s. if anyone wants to read the actual whole conversation that i had with dr. boone, give me your email address... i might consider sending it to you.


Katie said...

A friend of a friend's in college put a rotten fish under her ex's passenger car seat once...

Allison said...

yea, but he'd have to leave it unlocked... and i'd have to stalk him to know that. it's all good, i'll just let it go.