Wednesday, December 28, 2005

jesus, what is wrong with guys? i am so pissed off right now.

my message to dr. boone:
"hey there adam!
listen, i heard what my brother did with the whole blog thinggy. i'm so sorry.. he's such an ass. he had no right to do such a thing. please don't take anything he does to heart. trust me, he's just not worth getting upset over. i figured out later that that's the reason you weren't at the show.
i hope you ended up having a good christmas anyways, whether your family was there or not. my family wasn't around for christmas either.
well i know you're probably tired of hearing this from me, but i really would like to be your friend! don't forget about me!
have a nice day! "

completely innocent right? i was being totally honest.. all i wanted was friendship.
so then he sends me a response. a nice, long one. he went into detail about his christmas and everything and how bad of a time he was having.. told me all about his situation with his band.. everything was going fine until i got to the last paragraph:
"Now my problems with my mom and alan, are not related to what I mean at you. I dont have a problem with you Allison, I do like you. But you can very clearly see I am very mad at alot of people and "trying to get to know me" is not in your best intrest. I am sorry. I do consider you a friend but maybe just givng me some space could make things easier. Once agian I am sorry for everything.

Adam "

what the fuck. some space?
my response to his response:
you're right. you're right about everything in this message. but the last line, about needing space? what the fuck? it's not like i'm trying to get in your pants or anything. since when is wanting to be there for a friend a bad thing? i'm sorry you're living a fucked up life right now. i am. and i wish the best for you, but seriously. it's not like i wanted you to give me anything other than a comment now and then. it's not like i'm stalking you, calling you, or even thinking that much about you. i just wanted to be your friend. i'm surprised you even graced me with a response.

but now i officially give up on you.
because clearly that's what you want"

i feel it was the only way to respond.


Katie said...

Okay, I don't know all of the story, but it sounds like he has issues, and that you're way better off without him. He sounds very negative, and that can make for a depressing and draining friendship.

phaupster said...

screw him up the butt.

Allison said...

um... ew... no thank you!