Tuesday, December 13, 2005

oh yea?

you know what? i'm not sad anymore. i'm JUST FINE. i'm not lonely, i've got freinds. i don't need a boyfriend, i don't need a husband. i just need my friends. and i'm happy that way. the only time i've cried because of another person in the last 3 years has been because i threw a guy in the mix. that's not cool. fuck that. i don't think that i should live that way. what's wrong with being single?
there's just too much emotion involved in romance. and unfortunately for me, it's usually the wrong emotion..
ok, i'm deathly sick with a cold, and i'm pretty high on cold medicine, so this probably isn't making any sense. and that's ok. but that's why.

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phaupster said...

fuck him. you got us!