Friday, December 30, 2005

another one bites the dust.

well if there's anyone out there who's wondering what happened with dr. boone, let's just say, he didn't take it well.
in fact, he was pretty pissed.
i got home yesterday and signed on to aim, then went to get shit out of my car. i came back to:
Adam: wow
Adam: ya know
Adam: dont hold back or anything
Adam: I am not senstive at all
Adam: sorry for pissing you off
Adam: dont even know what I did
Adam: and frankly
Adam: I think youre just upset cause you liked me way much more than I liked you
Adam: and you dont like that
Adam: so now you have to make the bad guy
Adam: so go ahead do
Adam: I give a shit

then we had a "conversation" and he basically called me a bitch, then he would apologize for being an asshole, then he would put me down, then himself.. blah blah blah.

how can someone say "i really like you, a lot. and i want to take things slow", then turn around a week later and tell you to forget about them?

lucky for him, i have.
i don't even care.
what a dick.
good thing him i'm mature enough to not actually go through with my plan of egging his car. :)

besides, i have someone else who is much better than him to spend my time with. only, i'm just now realizing it. thanks for the patience, you.

p.s. if anyone wants to read the actual whole conversation that i had with dr. boone, give me your email address... i might consider sending it to you.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

i look good today.

i'm not trying to toot my own horn.. too much! but i look good today. i love my hustler hat!

that's right, hustler hat. because i bought it at the hustler store on sunset blvd. in hollywood! but my teeth look f'ed up in this shot for some reason.. for the record i have very nice looking teeth.

and i'm in a much better mood today. not pissed off anymore. carmen and i came to the conclusion that the reason dr. boone is so weird is because he's gay. and i'm not just saying that to be bitchy, or a woman scorned or whatever, but i'm serious. it's really the only rational explanation for his weirdnes..

he still hasn't read my response to his response as of 1:50 pm on Thursday Dec. 29th.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

jesus, what is wrong with guys? i am so pissed off right now.

my message to dr. boone:
"hey there adam!
listen, i heard what my brother did with the whole blog thinggy. i'm so sorry.. he's such an ass. he had no right to do such a thing. please don't take anything he does to heart. trust me, he's just not worth getting upset over. i figured out later that that's the reason you weren't at the show.
i hope you ended up having a good christmas anyways, whether your family was there or not. my family wasn't around for christmas either.
well i know you're probably tired of hearing this from me, but i really would like to be your friend! don't forget about me!
have a nice day! "

completely innocent right? i was being totally honest.. all i wanted was friendship.
so then he sends me a response. a nice, long one. he went into detail about his christmas and everything and how bad of a time he was having.. told me all about his situation with his band.. everything was going fine until i got to the last paragraph:
"Now my problems with my mom and alan, are not related to what I mean at you. I dont have a problem with you Allison, I do like you. But you can very clearly see I am very mad at alot of people and "trying to get to know me" is not in your best intrest. I am sorry. I do consider you a friend but maybe just givng me some space could make things easier. Once agian I am sorry for everything.

Adam "

what the fuck. some space?
my response to his response:
you're right. you're right about everything in this message. but the last line, about needing space? what the fuck? it's not like i'm trying to get in your pants or anything. since when is wanting to be there for a friend a bad thing? i'm sorry you're living a fucked up life right now. i am. and i wish the best for you, but seriously. it's not like i wanted you to give me anything other than a comment now and then. it's not like i'm stalking you, calling you, or even thinking that much about you. i just wanted to be your friend. i'm surprised you even graced me with a response.

but now i officially give up on you.
because clearly that's what you want"

i feel it was the only way to respond.

"oh fuuuudddgggggeee.. only, i didn't say fudge.."

i love that movie, and i love that it comes on 24 hours STRAIGHT on TBS on Christmas. what the hell else would i be watching at Christmas?
it was a pretty good christmas break.. nothing too eventful happened. but i'll tell you all about it anyways. it began on thursday around 12.30 with the official office christmas party. we played dirty santa, where everyone brings in a ten dollar gift to exchange. daniel ended up with a 12 pack of coors light. by the end of the party it was a 5 pack! i, after fighting over it with my boss's wife, ended up with a $10 gift certificate to priscilla's. now, for those of you who don't know, priscilla's is a "lingerie" store :).
anywho! then a bunch of us went to tripp's where we had mas fun and beer!!!
j kenny is perturbed
then, after much consumption of beer, we headed to el paso, because the day wouldn't be complete without dos equis and the burrito el paso. me and katie were feeling really good by then:
Image hosted by
in the words of katie, i was "sotally tober"
hehehe. then, to top everything off, i went home and to sleep. i was out by 11 pm. sad, i know.
i worked the next night at the brush! boo! i was there til friggin midnight, but in the end went out with brian the dj/cook to this bar in downtown hickory where i got to see female mud wrestling, sang karaoke, and drank 5 malibu and cokes and 2 jager bombs, ate a ham & cheese sandwich, and danced with a girl! good times. finally got home around 4 am, where i went straight to sleep, by myself! *sigh*
then made up a rum cake in the morning (my speciality) and went BACk to the brush. but hey, at least working at sagebrush on christmas eve, we had a little fun:
hahaha asshole adrian
it says: "I will work for SEX". poor asshole adrian. he walked around with it on his back for a LONG time. everyone got a kick out of it. when the kitchen manager finally pulled it off and put it in his hand, he simply looked at it, shrugged, and put it back on his back.

then after work i headed straight home for presents!! then to alan's country music show at the irish cue in mooresville! it was really good! i don't have any live pics of alan performing, cause i was too lazy to get my camera out until after he was done, but here:
the show was good, but i was a little disappointed. i thought dr. boone was going to be there and that he would see my booby shirt and come over and beg me to talk to him! but he wasn't there, so the booby shirt was for naught. ah well.
christmas day was boring.. i watched a christmas story a few times, and then went to b's house and had fun with his family.. i got an awesome tampa bay buccaneers snowglobe with raymond james stadium inside. then b had to go home, so i went over to alan's house and we went to see king kong. good movie, but utterly too long. i liked it, but i'll never watch it again. didn't get home til 2 am! but since it was still christmas in california, i gave my ex beau a call! turns out now he's on myspace, and he needs a few friends! Add him!
and what ex beau adventure would be complete without him making me feel AWFUL for not going to see him this year. *sigh* i think the boy has delusions that we could EVER be together permanently.. don't get me wrong,i love him, but we don't work together.
anywho then monday i got up and went to pick up madelyn and elora (my nieces) from my oldest brother, scott, and took them over to alan's to drop off elora. we hung out for a while, i napped on elora's bed while they played. it was sweet. then i took madelyn home, when my mom finally got home from virginia. that's when i went to dinner! with adam! another ex beau! we went to los arcos, where, of course, alan was there with elora. can't escape family. but me and adam had a good long conversation anyways. we sat there and talked for 2 hours. i finally got up the nerve to ask him about the nickname (if you don't know it by now, there's probably a reason!). well he admitted to calling me that. he said he didn't originate it, but he didn't discourage it. which means one of his friends came up with it, which means he told all of his friends what we were doing in private. good thing this was 5 years ago or else i might get mad. grr. by the way he's on myspace now too, he hasn't added me as his friend yet though! but you can look here to see it.
but then it was time to go.. after a much heartfelt hug, i headed home. it was good. cleansing.
yesterday consisted of me hanging with my ma all day, buying lotto tickets and eating food, riding in a car and napping, and then FINALLY back to hickory at 8.30 pm, where i went straight to carmen's. we played spades. me and satterfield beat carmen and brian the dj/cook after a very tense, very close last hand. it was awesome.

so that was my big christmas break. .like i said, nothing too exciting, but it was still nice. and i have another 3 day weekend this weekend! i love new years.. i hope i get some booty :) but who knows where the wind will take me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Monday, December 19, 2005

and my alma mater becomes "National Champions"

Image hosted by
that's football.

did ya miss me?

so i haven't blogged in like a week!
but having bronchitis will do that to ya. bronchitis!! holy shit! how does one contract bronchitis? my guess is some nasty fucker who already had it came in to eat at dillbrush even though they had fucking bronchitis! and me, being the lucky girl i am, was their server. and since i am primo pre-busser extraordinare, i picked up their nasty bronchitis infested plate after they were done eating, and took it back to the kitchen where the infection must have rubbed off on me. normally i wash my hands after each trip to and from the dish room as it is a nasty shithole of infected plates. occasionally, however, i get busy and have to run back out there, and resort to wiping my hands on my jeans. this must have been one of those times.
anywho, i worked on monday, monday night, half a day tuesday, and half a day thursday. that's it. that's all i worked last week. except i also worked saturday night, but i'll get to that in a minute.
i got so much sleep last week. it was AWESOME. i mean sure, there were times when i couldn't breath, couldn't swallow, had a terrible headache, sorethroat, deathly coughing, blah blah blah, but i got to sleep. a lot. and that rocked. i slept so much that i actually had no problem getting up early on wednesday when i went to the urgent care. i love urgent care. 20 bucks and i got to go right in, and get medicine. and then the medicine was AWESOME. i felt so loopy all day thursday and friday.
friday night was the best part of the whole week. for some magical reason i was off work, so i went to my coworker trey's pad to watch the big ASU vs. UNI national championship game. i would have gone with katie and daniel if i wasn't sick. really, i would have. i wish i had. but i really was still sick. it was an awesome game to watch. the first half sucked cause we sucked. asu looked like a high school team. but then when Williams came back in, it turned around. and Hunter's huge amazing super cool play when he picked up the fumble and ran in for a touchdown, it was like a whole new team out there. that's football. the crowd and the noise, that's football. the extreme rush of adrenaline, the hugging and screaming and passion, that's football. i love it.

what a good time. then i went to carmen's. to play 3 dollar poker. i did awesome too. would have won if i hadn't pooped out. i tell ya, all that sleep made me so tired.. :) i was so tired i skipped the sagebrush christmas party at 9 on saturday. i'm such a bad employee :P but at least i showed up for work saturday night.
but honestly, i shouldn't have. of course, as soon as my bronshitis started to finally clear up, i got mad cramps. so i was pretty much miserable saturday afternoon. then carmen gave me some "naproxin". well that made me numb, and loopy. so i was in a pretty good mood at the brush, for a while. we were slow but i didn't mind. i was still feeling the tired. by 8:00 i was exhausted. i begged to be volumed and left at 10:00. sad. it was carmen's last night at the brush, and there was a big party at ace's that night. but i didn't go. i wish i had felt better, good enough to go. but i felt like i had been hit by a mack truck. a mack truck carrying something heavy and awful. like seafood. yea. so on saturday night i was asleep by midnight. and slept until almost noon sunday.
i almost forgot to mention that saturday night i got a text message and a voicemail from dr. boone wondering why my brother was mad at him, and why he had asked dr. boone not to go to his christmas eve show. this is the first i have actually heard from dr. boone in a while. so i was nervous when i finally called him back that night. it turns out alan had talked to carmen, and got the impression that i was utterly mad at dr. boone and didn't want to be near him, and didn't want him to go to the show. which is totally not true. not at all. i don't even know if i'm going to the show! and i certainly am not mad at dr. boone. i'm sad for him. i had a conversation with him about why he chose to give up on me. and we're cool. i understand him. and i'm not mad. if anything, i pity him. but that's all. anyways i cleared things up with alan yesterday when i was in town for my ma's birthday.

well that brings me up to present pretty much. i may have left a few things out, but what can ya do? get over it. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

oh yea?

you know what? i'm not sad anymore. i'm JUST FINE. i'm not lonely, i've got freinds. i don't need a boyfriend, i don't need a husband. i just need my friends. and i'm happy that way. the only time i've cried because of another person in the last 3 years has been because i threw a guy in the mix. that's not cool. fuck that. i don't think that i should live that way. what's wrong with being single?
there's just too much emotion involved in romance. and unfortunately for me, it's usually the wrong emotion..
ok, i'm deathly sick with a cold, and i'm pretty high on cold medicine, so this probably isn't making any sense. and that's ok. but that's why.

Monday, December 12, 2005

"how bout them panthers?"

well, my weekend started out "el terrible" but ended up not so bad. friday just plain out sucked.
i was in a bad mood starting out from not talking to dr. boone. then it got worse when he actually did manage to grace with me a two sentence message. nothing horrible, just nothing good. what can you do to help someone when they won't let you help? when they won't even talk to you? NOTHING. that's what you can do. just sit back and wait. well fuck that. i'm the worst person in the world when it comes to patience. i have none. none. i'm trying here though. and of course since C talked to my brother on saturday night, now she doesn't like dr. boone either. but me, i'm still torn. i think this is the point where i just keep everything bottled up inside. that works for me. definitely.

at least friday and saturday i made pretty good tips for once. and i got to hang out with friends both nights. drinking and what have you.

and app won!! yay!! i'm still working on going to the championship game friday in chatanooga!! it's a possibility for sure!!

but the best part about the whole weekend was definitely yesterday around 3:50 pm when it became apparent that the buccaneers, my team, were actually going to beat the panthers. don't get me wrong, i'm a north carolinian, therefore i'm a panthers fan. EXCEPT when they play the bucs. because after all, i'm a floridian by birth. loyalty. look it up. let me just say it feels really nice to notice that all of the people who not 2 months ago would walk past saying really annoying shit like "how bout them panthers?" are now avoiding walking past my desk at all. that set them in their smug little places. i'm glad my roommate was definitely not smug about it. or else i'd be forced to say "how bout them bucs?" to her. but she's cool, so we're cool. in fact, i didn't bring it up at all last night, and we hung out most of the night. now, when my boss eventually gets here, i'm gonna HAVE to say something.


and last night i had fun. i finished up most of my christmas shopping. and then i hung out at C's again. this time we watched the "Last Laugh '05" thing on comedy central with c, satt, brian the dj/cook, ace, lavier (my psuedo boss at the brush) and dustin. yes, dustin. it was pretty funny. i think i'm growing into a shatner fan!

*SIGH* well anyways maybe this week will turn out better and i won't cry myself to sleep like i did for the first time in years on saturday night.

Friday, December 09, 2005

family sucks.

i'm not sure, but i think my asshole brother may have said something to dr. boone to make him not want to talk to me anymore. i've only spoken to him once this week. i sent him a myspace message and a text message and an aim im and have recieved no response. maybe he's just busy. but i had a conversation with my brother on wednesday night, and i get the feeling he said something to dr. boone. you see, my brother is an asshole. and he doesn't like the idea of me seeing dr. boone. in fact, he hates it. he said bad things to me about dr. boone, trying to scare me away. but it didn't. i still like him, just as much. my brother is just an ass.

and i swear if i find out that he has been talking to dr. boone in an attempt to keep him away from me, i'll be sure to give him the silent treatment for at least 1 year. at least.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

mc chris owns. i wanna go to an mc chris show.

what did i tell you? i got mc chris to sign my boob. ok sure, it was my boob on my shirt, but i'm not going to force the girls on anyone. here ya go:
Image hosted by
and i must say, he's a really funny, nice guy. i had such an awesome time. i was inches from him, in the front the whole time! i'll have better pics tomorrow!! but here's the one b took of me and mc:
Image hosted by

more to come
word i'm out!

Monday, December 05, 2005

since you asked.

i love eggnog. carmen makes especially yummy eggnog. on saturday, i drank about 4 small cups of it. and was drunk. not just tipsy, drunk. had to catcha ride home drunk. it was a good night though. a lot of people were there! carmen and satterfield, brian the dj/cook, ace, b, mandy, erika and jessica(from the brush), mona (works with carmen), brandon and chris.. and.. let's see i know i'm forgetting someone.. hm.... who could it be... someone .... who.. oh! bertha! hahaha.. how could i forget bertha! and their new kitty cheddar who you can see pics of on my flickr...

oh and dustin was there to ;). ha! dustin has decided to come back around and be part of our group again. good for him. we even had a little joke too. mona was sending someone a text message and i made a comment about "never send drunken text messages, trust me, it's a bad idea". that had him laughing. and we were nice and civil to each other. i'm glad to be his friend again. i missed his funny youngster ass.

over all the christmas poker was pretty awesome.. of course i lost twice.. really quickly..i wasn't drunk enough when we started, so i did horribly. but it's all good. i had eggnog, rum cake, a special star christmas cookie, and lots of good times. then mandy, b, and i went back to my house and i went to sleep. like a good girl.

and then yesterday i did ABSOLUTELY nothing except watch 4 episodes of scrubs before i had to go to work at 5, where i did more of ABSOLUTELY nothing. then to carmen's to play with cheddar.

and that was my weekend.

why are you still reading?
did i forget something?

oooooooooooooooooooooooh, you want to hear about my friday night?
come on now, i don't kiss and tell! well, ok ...

i worked friday night. left at exactly 11 pm. got to ktown around 12.15 am.
we talked. we burned the candle that i brought him, that i hand made. it smelled nice.
then we decided to watch a movie. he had told me to bring a movie, anything i wanted. it was my choice whether to bring a dvd (living room, couch) or a vhs (bedroom). i brought two VHS's.. hehehe.. i brought SNatch (guy movie, but one i love) and the princess bride (one of the greatest movies ever made, and what my blog is named after). i told carmen these choices. she said if he picks the princess bride, he's a keeper.
he picked princess bride.

then we snuggled.. all through the night. it was so nice.. i'm really liking this cuddly snuggly happiness.

of course it couldn't last too long. stupid sagebrush. i had to leave at 8 am to drive an hour to be at the meeting.. sigh.. i'm like cinderella and sagebrush is midnight.

"no more rhymes now, i mean it! anybody want a peanut?"

Sunday, December 04, 2005


i've been told that i sigh a lot.. i do.. and that isn't for any reason other than me sitting back and being happy.

and i am happy.

Friday, December 02, 2005

i was a one line wonder in my own love sooooong

oh i love those avett brothers songs...

there are a few things in this world that i am REALLY good at. baking rum cakes is definitely one of those. i made one last night.. it is So good. it's just perfectly moist and mouth watering.. and i didn't boil the glaze quiiiite long enough so it's nice and potent. wasn't ready til about 11:30 last night.

myspace is ADDICTIVE. i'm on it all day at work. and yesterday i got internet at home.. so last night i was on it all night while i was at home. and instant messenger.. *sigh*

i was planning on getting a much larger longevity check (christmas bonus) than i actually recieved, and was going to go ahead and splurge on some ebay panthers/bucs tickets. good seats.. but you know what? fuck that. i can't get anyone to commit to going with me anyways.. so i guess i'm going to have to wait and see what happens. i may have more fun watching it on tv anyways, when i can snuggle up on the couch.. going would have been good, but i don't want to go if my seats are going to be shitty. i'm one of THOSE people. if i don't have good seats, i don't want to go.

i can't WAIT for tuesday night! going to see MC CHRIS in raleigh! yay! i'm going to meet that guy and get an autograph. because i can, i'm that good. watch you'll see. i'm not working the day after, but on thursday, when i come into work, i'll have mc chris's name written in marker on my boobs. (just kidding, it'll be on my cd cover!).

little nervous... tonight i may be driving down to concord for a visit with dr. boone.. i'm going to be so tired tomorrow .. we have a mandatory 9 am staff meeting at dillbrush.. where they are basically going to bitch us out for 2 hours. boo. but hey, when it's over i get to go back to sleep until 3 when i have to be BACK there for work. but then after work... it's POKER TIME! honestly i'm not that excited about the poker, i'm excited about the friends!! carmen, satt., brian the dj/cook, possibly asshole adrian (yes i changed his name, i can do that!), ace, and last but not least, Brad will be there! yay! and possibly his psuedo gf mandy..
there's going to be a shit ton of eggnog, and cookies, and yes, my rumcake.

i'm not going to be worth a damn on sunday. and i don't care.