Monday, June 26, 2006

weekend, etc.

well i'd say i had a pretty good weekend this time around. friday night was a no-brush night since i had called in sick the night before. apparently being a female occasionally DOES pay off. so i celebrated not brushing it up by hanging out at el paso, the best mexican restaurant this side of texas, with a bunch of whoopacog co-workers. beer is a necessary evil i do believe. dos equis just has some sort of power over me. eventually i sobered up and left to go to walmart where i bought a few things i don't need and eventually managed to get out of there and go home. talked to big pete for an hour on the phone and fell asleep around 1 am. then my body decided i needed to wake up at 10 am. stupid internal sleep clock. ah well. saturday i was back at the brush serving up a big steaming pile of bad service :). but at least i worked all night with big pete. i got finished around 10:30 pm but i waited around the brush until 12 am for big pete to get finished cleaning the kitchen! we were going to go out drinking or whatever. but by the time we got to his house (where he was going to change) we decided it would be more fun to just sit around and watch a movie. we watched eurotrip. this is an exceptionally funny movie. the best part of course, was that i was able to cuddle through the whole thing.

then sunday josh, carmen, big pete, and i went to the crawdad's game where the 'dads got their asses handed to them. sad stuff. we lost 12-2. in baseball that's just plain awful. anywho.. tomorrow night i am cooking for big pete. scarey! next thing you know my mom will need to meet him.. my dad has already requested it.. yikes! i only hope i don't screw up the recipe or something..

my california ex-boyfriend has been calling me EVERYDAY lately. i haven't talked to him in months, but i finally did on thursday. now he has been calling every. single. night. and usually it's around 1 am. when i'm asleep. he's lived in cali for 2.5 years now and STILL doesn't get the 3 hour time difference thing!! aaah!! it's not that i don't want to talk to him, because i love talking to him, but he always talks for like 2 hours and won't let me hang up. and he talks about trying to get me to move out there. and how he still loves me. and he thinks about me a lot. and how i should "stop seeing this jared guy" and be with him. oy.
no thanks.
i like big pete too much for all of that.

one last thing, check out this awesome website/video of matt, the dancing guy (no, not THAT dancing guy). this is amazing and i SO want to do this one day.


Katie said...

Isn't it funny how they start coming out of the woodwork when you finally get one you really like?

Allison said...

it's a low-down dirty shame.