Tuesday, June 13, 2006

roethlisberger + motorcycle - helmet = sad allison

no word yet on whether or not he'll be able to play next year, but Big Ben had a 7 hour surgery yesterday to repair a broken jaw and nose. he also lost teeth? he'll still be beautiful to me. i'll still marry his busted up face and give him 25 kids. i bet they had to put steel plates in his head. maybe that will make him more badass on the field. how can anyone ride a motorcycle without a helmet? stupid! i'm never going to ride one again, i'll tell you that much. when you start out like this:

and end up like this:
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that's just not cool. oh roethlisbaby, why can't you just play by the rules, you rebel!? i guess it's because he's 24. being 24 myself, i know and understand the need to hold on that youth. i just hope he'll grow up now.


Katie said...

Yeah, he's pretty stupid. He'll wear a helmet on the football field where he's playing on grass with men, but he won't wear one on pavement going over 35 mph with cars and trucks all around? Hmm... Yeah, he's a smart cookie. Hopefully the majority of those 25 kids will get your brains.

Allison said...

yea i hope so.. and his looks :)