Thursday, June 22, 2006


i have had NO energy the last couple of weeks. I get enough sleep for the most part. Some people would say i get too much sleep. that's a load of squash if you ask me. i like the fact that i'm only working at the brush 3 days a week. i've got plenty of time to do whatever i need to do.. the only problem is finding the energy to do it. maybe it's because i've stopped drinking my morning coffee. but i doubt it. the coffee seemed to stop having an effect on me anyways. i cut back on soda. one a day at most. mostly a lot of water now. maybe it's the diet. i bought nutrisystem food. it's pretty decent food for diet food.

i'm thinking what i need to do is get up in the morning and go to the gym. but damn, that doesn't sound appealing. i'd have to get up at like, 6:30. ew. i promised myself a long time ago that i'd never have a job where i had to get up earlier than 7. yea, i know that sounds stupid. but i think sleep is the most important thing in life. more important than boys. did i really just say that? weird.

this weekend: tonight i may or may not be going to a crawdad's game, depending on how i feel after visiting the doctor. tomorrow i work both jobs. saturday i work again *surprise*. but sunday, big pete, carmen, josh and i are going to the crawdad's game on a double date. ;0 i'm excited about this. tuesday i may or may not be cooking big pete dinner. he better watch out. if he's not careful, i might just be falling for him. wonder if it would freak him out if i told him that....

hmm.. taking things slow is difficult when i think about him about 300 times a day.


Katie said...

I think sleep is more important than boys too. They can't have your full attention if you don't have enough sleep! And you don't look as cute if you're sleepy too. We might be at the game Saturday night too- it's Appalachian night, you know!

Sam said...

there is an easy solution to this problem... quit your job! On second thought, don't do that, being a bum sucks.

Allison said...

it's appalachian night! aarrgh! i want to go! too bad i have to work.

and no sam i don't want to be a bum