Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"everytime we touch, i get this feeling"

edit: ok i did have a really cute video of Meatwad playing.. but it was too big and made my blog look all funky so i took it down.. i think this is the link.. but if not, i'll have to fix it when i get home since my youtube is blocked at my office. damn the beaver man!

please ignore the obnoxious giggle near the end.. i never realized before that that's what i sound like. ech. no more giggling for me.. i think..

not in a funk anymore. had too good of a weekend for that. nothing really special happened over the weekend, it was just good. i've decided that snuggly/gigglyness is my new favorite activity. yea. snuggly/gigglyness.

so has anyone heard this song "everytime we touch" by cascada? it's this techno-y poppy song i keep hearing places.. and now.. i'm addicted to it. i could.not.stop. singing it last night. i even downloaded it on itunes. it's so not my normal type of song. but i LIKE it! maybe it'll be my new theme song.. well, maybe i shouldn't go that far! we'll just say i like it very much!


Katie said...

Yep- that's the right link to the little spazzzzztic booger. I like your giggle. It makes me giggle! That song annoys me. sorry.

Allison said...

hehehe it's ok i like the song! and i'm glad i can make you giggle!