Wednesday, June 28, 2006

bad mood for 2 reasons.

1) i cooked dinner last night for big pete. despite accidentally poring the first batch of noodles down the drain, the food was spectacular. it was the best chicken parmesan i've ever made. yep. things were going great. he was kissy and sweet. and then his brother called. and convinced him to come out to ham's (which is in walking distance of my house). guess who wasn't invited. i cleaned up a little (i had cooked at his house) then i went home. to sit on my couch. alone. i even hinted that i wanted to go. i would have loved to have met his brother.. but then.. his brother doesn't even know about me. nor do his parents.

2) the doctor's office called me yesterday with some "test results". and by "test results" i mean not actually tell me test results but tell me i need to go into the office to talk to the doctor about the supposed "test results" and what they mean. now my mom is taking tomorrow off to go with me to the doctor when i discuss the "test results" that they wouldn't tell me.


Katie said...

Boys are stupid.

sam said...

What an unappreciative prick! If my girl made me dinner I'd tell my brother to fuck off and spend the whole night with her. No one's ever made dinner especially for me before.

Allison said...

thanks guys.

carmenphaup said...


Michelle said...

I second that motion! I was dating this guy a few years ago. He was a nice, normal guy - I thought. Anyway, I was cooking him dinner for the first time at his house (shrimp linguini) and his neighbor called. He needed help installing a ceiling fan. The guy WENT OVER TO THE NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE while I was SLAVING OVER HIS STOVE, COOKING HIM dinner. Best part? The guy came back 1 HOUR LATER WITH A BEER IN HIS HAND.
I had already eaten and was on my way out. The guy said he was so sorry, that he owed me big time, that he'd make dinner on Friday. He was really good at making Easy Mac. EASY MAC, people.

I never went out with him again.

As for the test results, I'm there with ya. Good luck and it's not as bad as it seems. I've been driving that road since I was 18.

Allison said...

thanks guys :)
i'll tell you all the results tomorrow.. they're not horrible. yet.