Tuesday, September 12, 2006


looks like i'm finally going to break my new years resolution (be happy).

jared has accepted the management job in boone and will be moving in february, if not sooner.

i've never felt more awful about feeling awful in my life. i should be happy for him for getting a better job where he will be making great money and living in boone. but instead i can't stop crying.


phaupster said...

oooooooooh no. that's awful. i'm so so so sorry. and don't feel bad about feeling bad. that's a crappy thing. at least you have till february, and you have a good supportive network of friends.

sam said...

Please don't be sad, Allison. :( Boone isn't that far away.

Katie said...

:( I'm sorry. :( Sam's right- one quick hour up the mountain. And February is a while off, so make the most of the time he's still in town.

Allison said...

thanks yall. i think i'm better now. i'm just going to have as much fun as possible before then. we'll see what happens.