Friday, September 15, 2006

i'm definitely swept away


the avett brothers.
and bob.

that show was AWESOME.
can i just say, i had soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun last night!? they really put on an entertaining show! they played a lot of songs, most of which i knew, about 2 or 3 that i didn't. they played a loooong set of foot-stompin, body shaking, heart pounding music. i LOVED it. i'm pretty sure stephen the fox had fun too. when they were done with the main set, they came back on, one by one, and each played a solo song. then, they came out at once and played their most rockin song of all, talk on indolescence. if you don't know that song, go to their myspace profile and listen to it. now imagine it played live, with the bassline poppin, and 300 screaming college students jumping up and down to it. yea. it's that good.

then they finished, and then came back for ANOTHER encore. crazy! and awesome. of course, i forgot my camera in my car, so i have no pictures. stephen took a couple with his camera phone, and even took a video. as soon as he gets to work, i'll make him put it on the internet for ya so you can understand the madness.

after everything was done, i got to talk to bob (the bassist) and scott (the hot, even with the scraggly beard, banjo player). they signed my CD cover. awesome. i would have waited around for seth because i wanted to give him my brother's phone number (they used to be friends), but by that point it was 12:15 and i had an idea it would be a while before seth came out. we didn't get back to hickory til 1:20!! aarrh!! sooooo tired.
and i'm pretty sure stephen has some permanent hearing damage. but like i told stephen, if you're going to lose hearing, at least lose it doing something cool. like seeing the avett brothers.


Katie said...

Yay! I'm glad you had so much fun!!! I can't believe you forgot your camera! Now I wish I'd gone too. :(

(Happy Birthday Carmen!!!)

phaupster said...

i'm totally glad you had fun. i didn't really clean so much. my parents are meeting us at carrabas. so they won't be going to our place. yay! i can't wait to leave work so the fun times can begin.

thanks katie!

Stephen said...

Katie I couldn't hear you. Could you type that again?