Tuesday, September 05, 2006

go apps! fight apps! kick ass!

well i had a long and exciting(?) weekend. saturday was exciting since katie and i went to the appalachian (pronounced app-a-lach(like apple)-ian) versus nc state game. sure, we lost, but we're still fans. i have to say, i've rarely felt so school spirit-y. even when i was in the marching band for app, i always cheered, but i never really felt like they needed me to cheer for them. this game, they definitely needed as many of us there to cheer for them as possible. the stupid red wolf-calls made me want to throw up. and not because of the 12 mini bottles of malibu i drank. i lost my voice from screaming so much. thank god for the plastic bullhorn thinggies that they were passing out at the alumni tent. they did a great job of amplifying all of our "goooooooooo appalachian"s.

gold better than red

it really felt cool to be a part of this small crowd. i felt sooooo lucky to be there. thank god for katie! woo!

the rest of the weekend was cool too! we got to stay with andrea's parents, who are so very nice.

i worked sunday and last night at the brush and actually made some money. i got to see jared a lot (of course). and he was sweet enough to tell me he missed me since saturday was the first time in forever that i didn't see him in a full 24 hours. after the state game, katie and i and a few others were at the bar and some random state guy started talking to me. he was nice, so i was nice back. but when we were about to leave, he kept pawing at me and trying to get my phone number. i was like, if i didn't have jared, i would have given him the chance. but i didn't! it just proves how i've still got it, but i don't need it :) here's a picture of the dork:
this dude wanted me soooooo bad.

anywho! tonight i'm off. i'm going to CLEAN my home. it needs it soooooo bad!!!

yay for cleaning!


phaupster said...

boo for dirty roommates! i have rehearsal tonight, but i'll be there eventually.

Allison said...

yea? when?

Eddie said...

I was in the marching band in college too! I was a flag and was even captain for 3 years. woOt for geeks all acros the land!

phaupster said...

i guess a comment on when i'll be there is silly since it's the next day. but...i'll be there till 6:30 and then again at 8:30. :) even going with you...i'm still not excited about this afternoon's trip. i don't know why i'vebeen avoiding it so steadfastly.