Monday, September 18, 2006


well i'd say i had a pretty darn awesome weekend.

friday, josh, carmen, and i had a blast at mcguire's celebrating her bday!
i was in disguise, as seen below:
how do i look with black hair?

i even got hit on hard core by one of carmen's theater friends. too bad for him, at midnight i left to go see my squeeze... still in costume. i looked like a different person because carmen did my makeup and i had black hair.

jared even said "it's like i'm making out with a completely different person". i'm not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. :p

saturday was another ho hummer which basically just involved me and the jayrod going to the mall, and then to work. oh, after work we went to hooters.. it was my idea though. he loves that place and i figured i may as well embrace it. it wasn't bad though. it's basically just a restaurant. that's it. nothing to be concerned about. and it was good for us to go together i think.

sunday we went up to my dad's for a 'meet the parents' day. jared didn't say much, since he's so shy when he's around new people. but i don't think that mattered. my dad pretty much gets along with anybody i bring around, and i'm pretty sure he liked jared, since he knows how much i like him. but most of the day was just me and my dad talking, as always. then we came back to hickory for a lazy night of football and family guy.

boo buccaneers.
yay mountaineers.
and so on.

oh, and, HI JARED! welcome to my blog.


sam said...

I LIKE IT! But I still think I like redhead Allison more, which is weird because I'm usually a brunette kinda guy. Red just suits you so well...

Anyway, glad to see you had a good weekend. Hooters wings are fucking awesome.

Katie said...

Yeah- red's better, but black is fun for a change! Boo Panthers too. :( Welcome Jared! (I guess this means we don't get to hear the secrets about him now, huh?) ;)

Allison said...

ha! you guys are so true.

phaupster said...

you looked so pretty! it's good to go for a different look from time to time, and we were hot mamas. hi jared!