Monday, September 11, 2006

ho hum...

i haven't had a lot to blog about lately, as i've been doing pretty much the same thing week after week! but i'm perfectly happy with that. this weekend was another weekend like most, spent at the brush and then o charlie's for drinks and such. yesterday i did go to BOB's to watch my team, tampa bay, suck it up big time and lose to the baltimore ravens 27 to 0. owch. put me in a foul mood when i had to be at the brush at 4 pm. and the brush last night?
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we didn't get a single table after 7:30 pm. that means tonight will be hella busy. at least tonight i'll have jared with me.

saturday night was the first time i got to work with Telisha. Telisha is a girl who just started at the brush. jared was her trainer. everyone has been telling me that she is obsessed with jared and that she has a crush on him. i believed this, as she added him on myspace and has already put comments on his page and stuff. i am mature, so i pretend to not care and tell jared i'm not listening to the hype and it doesn't bother me if she likes him, hell i'm not the jealous type.

but that's just not true. i am the jealous type. i get hella jealous. all i could think when i heard about this girl was 'step off bitch/that's my man'. but i kept those thoughts to myself.

and good thing.

because saturday night we all three worked together and i realized that she does like jared, but not as much as everyone had me to believe. she's actually a nice, young (18), girl who probably just thinks jared is cute and wants to be his friend. but she knows he's mine. jared was actually especially lovey that night, being sure to be super sweet to me in front of her all night long. that made me feel like a million bucks. i love that boy.

and last night i worked with her without jared and i think we could actually be friends.. although i do have to say she talks way too much. but at least she does her work.

just goes to show that the drama at the brush never ends and thank god i'm smart enough to not listen to the hype and to form my own opinions of people.

also, jared's still not sure he's taking the boone position. i hope to god he doesn't because i would miss him so much.. but i can't tell him not to take it. but honestly i also think that the job would kill him. he already works way too hard there and way too many hours.

i have a bad feeling about this.


Katie said...

At least this chick knows that he's taken. I'm going to her page to get a good look at her now.

Katie said...

Oh, and you forgot to mention that your OTHER team won Saturday. We'll always have our Mountaineers.

Allison said...

foh yea, go mountaineers! woo!! and you can't look at her profile, it's private. cause she's bossy, she's the bitch ya'll love to hate. i hate that f'ing song.