Friday, September 22, 2006

so i called my mom today....

so i called my mom today....and she's all, "how come you took jared up to the mountains to meet your dad? when do i get to meet him? i never get to meet your boyfriends. do you love your dad more than you love me?" ok maybe i'm paraphrashing a little.. but still. my mom exaggerates a lot. it scares me to think that one day, i'll be just like her. because you know, you always turn out like your mother, whether you realize it or not. maybe i'll be more like my dad though. at this stage in my life, i'm definitely leaning towards my dad's personality. he's a glass-is-half-full type of guy, and i'm pretty much optimistic all the time. my mother? not so much. in fact, there were a couple years right after my parents got divorced when i wasn't sure my mom wasn't going to kill herself. luckily, paxil or zoloft one cured her of that and made home livable again.

i look a lot like her.. sort of. in the face i do. when she was my age, she was anorexic-looking skinny. heh. but then in her 30's she weighed around 300 pounds. it's strange. now she's just normal though. i hope to god i never let myself get like that. i think if i were to ever even hit 200 pounds i may have to resort to an eating disorder. and i'm not kidding.

me and mommy

i look nothing like my dad.. but i know he's my dad. i mean, we're both incredible geeks. we would both KILL to go on a vacation to egypt. my ideal day would be to spend most of my time walking around a museum of wicked-cool mummy artifacts. we both have degrees in geography. in fact, i didn't even know he had a geography degree and when i told him i was going to switch to geography, he thought it was sweet that i was copying my daddy. hehehe.


so maybe i'll be more like my dad when i get older. i wouldn't mind. not that there's anything wrong with being like my mother. but i mean, come on. what girl wants to be just like her mother when she gets old?

on a side note: jared, my mom wants us to come down for dinner sunday night. :) what do ya say?


Katie said...

I can see you favoring your dad too. It's something in the eyes.

Allison said...

really? cool.