Monday, September 25, 2006

smorgasbord.. (how do you spell that?)

I'm coming off of another great weekend.. i really do have the life..

friday night after the brush, jared and i and a bunch of brushers partied old-school style at the hickory tavern to celebrate my friend sam's 30th birthday. if you feel like looking a bunch of drunken pictures, click here. they're really not anything special though. there is one of me kissing a girl, but i chose not to put that one on the internet, as it is too incriminating.
whiskey sour

anywho.. then saturday was a busy busy busy busy night at the brush (for once!) i pretty much fell asleep immediately after getting home from work. but it was worth it.. and it was a damn good sleep.

sunday was the best though. after work (at 4 pm) i went to pick up jared and we headed down to my mom's house where he met: mom, will (my step-dad), my brother alan, my brother scott, my niece elora, my niece madelyn, my ex-sister in law heather, and my brother's friend ian. yea i'm sure it was a little overwhelming, but jared handled it very well. my family can be kind of loud, but they were well behaved last night. i'm just happy my brother wasn't drunk already when we got there. then the boys were kind enough to include jared in the football throwing time! that was pretty hot. and then we played some pool on my step-dad's pool table. and i beat jared.. twice. the only reason i lost one game was because i scratched on the 8 ball. i think he was letting me win! what a sweety!

overall i think my family really liked him. which is good. because i do.

tonight i'm scheduled to work, but they called and told me i didn't have to if i didn't want to.. so instead: TARGET!! WOOHOO!!

p.s. yea, the bucs lost to the friggin panthers. but with this awfulness come hope as chris simms is out for a while. new qb time!

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