Friday, June 01, 2007

Allison's Favorite Things.

Okay, I'm going to be a dork and copy Eddie and Pigs and do a favorite things post. My favorite things may seem odd to you, or they may seem perfectly natural. Feel free to copy me, who copied them, at any time.

Dove Cool Moisture Body Wash. It's like bathing in the freshest water and getting a moisturiffic massage. And it makes me smell so good! I'm also a big fan of the St. Ives Body Wash but that's getting harder and harder to find.

Simply Orange. I'm not usually an orange juice drinker, but that stuff just plain rules. Exactly the right amount of pulpage. And tastey! mmmmm mmm!

Method Cucumber hand soap. Environmentally friendly hand soap the smells superbly yummy and gets my hands clean? Yes, please!

Style Network. Unfortunately with my switch from cable to the dish I don't get this anymore.. and I mourn that loss quite often. Oh how I miss Niecy Nash and Clean House. TLC will have to fill in for me. Not quite as good, but it'll do.

DVDs. I am addicted to DVDs. I have probably 150 of them and Jared has another 60ish so we are never without a movie to watch. Of course lately, all we've been buying are 80s movies, like Karate Kid and Rocky, Volumes 1 thru 4.

These awesome shoes. 18 dollars at JC Penneys! They make me feel so pretty! I LOVE them.

My new Avett Brothers CD, Emotionalism, which is majorly great. (yes, Sam, emo for short)

And finally, Facebook. It's like Target and Myspace is WalMart. It's more sophisticated, more environmentally friendly, and it doesn't cost you anything more. Plus it's not blocked at my office, like Myspace.


Carmen said...

My favorite things:
My dishes. I love those guys.
My grill. MMMM.
My loofah.
These shoes. You can get them wet and everything, and they don't look as dumb as normal crocs.
Planet Earth on HD. Wow.

Facebook is blocked at my work. :(

Joan said...

cool shoes. We get style network on Directv but we must have a different package. Catherine loves it. I love the Olay Facial wash/wipes. I can get my face clean and make-up off better with them than anything else. I love the various CD's I've burned grouped by types of music or decades. I love my 2 pairs of Teva flip flops. I've taken several pictures of my feet in them. They are so comfortable. I love having a pet again.

Carmen said...

And, I love living next door to my best friend. It's so gosh darn convenient.

Sam said...

My favorite things:

Yes, I'm a simple man with simple needs.

We can call that album "Emoism" for short if you prefer. =P

Anonymous said...

I like Sam's comment about beer and boobies. My husband would say the same thing. Men are so low maintenance! lol