Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Florida Pictures

I finally finished uploading my Florida pictures:

All in all Mom and I had a great time. It is always good to vacation once in a while. Seeing my Grandpa was nice since you never know how long they'll be around. He's 91 and sharp as a tack and still downright funny. I hope he and his wife enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there. You never know.

And it was really nice to spend that time with my mom. It's amazing how much I resented her in high school, for pretty much no real reason at all. She is who she is and I should have been more accepting of her. But I guess that was just me being a teenager. It's good that we can be friends.

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Anonymous said...

Its good to hear that you and your mom get along alot better now. Mine still drives me nuts!