Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What's goin down, Charlie Brown?

What's been going on with me lately?

I had an awesome day Saturday. It started out at 7:00 am when I had to be at the Brush for a mandatory meeting with all employees. I would have tried to argue my way out of this, but since my boyfriend is my boss, it didn't seem appropriate. Well, it was over and I was home by 10:00 when I took a most excellent nap.

Then at 5:00 Katie and Daniel came to see me and Beefwad. Then, it was off to Charlotte for Taste of Charlotte and The Oyster Fest. We had a great time walking around in the rain and trying fun and yummy food. We got to meet Potter, Bandy, and Matt from 107.9 the Link. Matt and Bandy were a total hoot and may or may not have been a little tipsy. Speaking of tipsy, Katie and I may have had a few.. At about 9:00 we headed over to Dixie's Tavern for the Oyster Fest, which is a concert by Coyboy Mouth. They are always awesome. It was raining and we were absolutely soaked, but it was a great time. When we finally got back to the car at 12 after a long walk in the rain, I was a little tipsy and was convinced I lost my phone. So, reluctantly, Katie and I headed back out in the rain to try and find it. Daniel drove the car next to us and after a minute we gave up and got back in the car, where I found my phone in my purse, where I had JUST put it. I am a total goober.

It wouldn't have been too terrible losing my phone though, since on Monday I finally got a new one! I bought an LG Chocolate, a Mint Chocolate, which is simply the coolest phone ever. It's beautiful and it takes great pictures:

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Also, it works like an MP3 player holding songs and stuff. I haven't been able to put any mp3s on it yet, but I will.

Then yesterday was completely awesome because Jared's sister Amy came out from Canton (which is an hour away) to visit us! We met up with their other brother, Josh (who lives in Taylorsville) for dinner at Backstreets and I think his brother is finally starting to warm up to me.

All in all I've been having a pretty good time lately. Other than of course being sick on Monday and having a moving mess going on at my house. But that's worth it since Jared is moving in!



Carmen said...

I'm going hiking with Lynn, Jon, Jon Greene and Marcus Riter from college on Saturday. You're invited. I missed you this weekend.

Allison said...

i missed you too. i'm going to my dad's on saturday because michael (my step-brother) is being deployed to iraq and they're having a sendoff bbq.