Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Last night was Tuesday. Tuesday is date night around my house. It's the only night Jared and I have off together so we always spend it together. Other people may or may not join us but we are still together.

Usually we go out and do something. We had planned to go to the Crawdad's game last night, but it rained so we nixed that. Then, we decided to just stay home, watch movies and order delivery. Since we had had pizza a couple of days earlier, we were going to use delivery chef. The problem with that is that the only place that has good dinner type food, it's way way expensive. So I ended up going to pick up take out at Texas Roadhouse.

After eating and watching a movie we were snuggling on the couch deciding what movie to watch next when all of a sudden, I got the worst.tummy-ache.ever. I was sweating and cringing. Jared almost had to carry me upstairs so I could lay in bed. After writhing in the dark for a while, I convinced him to go buy me some Pepto. This made me feel mostly better, but still out of it. I didn't move a whole lot after that, other than taking out my contacts. Nothing ruins a date night like an alien inside your tummy trying to escape (at least that's what it felt like).

Jared is so sweet when he wants to be :)

In other sad news, Mr. Wizard died. Did anyone else LOVE his show as a kid?


Sam said...

I loved Mr. Wizard too. It would be sweet if Nickelodeon showed a marathon in honor of his death or something.

Katie said...

I saw that! I was sad. :(
Jared's a good man!

Allison said...

yes it would and yes he is :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I hope you feel better! i cant eat at The Outback anymore cause I got sick off their steak.

I used to love watching Mr. Wizard on Nickeloden as a kid. I remember trying one of his experiments at home growing sugar crystals. I made a total mess and had crystrals growing all over the kitchen sink.

Joan said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope next Tuesday is better for you.