Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Few Random Things

First off, and I know I'm a little late with this, but really, why can't people leave Britney's VMA performance alone? I understand that she's a "train wreck" and possibly a "bad mother" and that she needs to wear underwear, but WHY do we have to call her fat?

Seriously, would you call this fat?

I mean really? I think it's ridiculous the standards people hold to female celebrities these days. Sure, she's not as skinny as she used to be, but she's definitely not fat. I'm not defending her music, her lifestyle, or her crazy wardrobe, but it just bothers me the way people think scrawny is hot.


Last Saturday I went up to Boone with Stephen, Katie, Daniel, Jeff & Tracy (all Appalachian alumni) and we tailgated for the ASU vs. Lenoir-Rhyne game. I had a lot of fun tailgating, but the actual game part was not fun. ASU has gotten itself so hyped up with promoting our awesome football team that now things are out of hand! To even see the field, my friend and I had to sit on the hill BEHIND the visitor's seats and hold on to a tree so we wouldn't slip down the hill in the dirt. It sucked. After the 1st quarter, when App was up 21 to 0, I decided to go find Katie and try to sit somewhere else. I found Katie but we didn't watch anymore of the game. I really hope that the next game I go to won't be as crowded, but I know it will :(. I'm also hoping that at the Western Carolina vs. Appalachian game (Western is our "rival"), that Jared, my Dad, and I will be able to actually watch the game. That would be fabulous.

I've already asked off for December 14th, which is the date of the I-AA (FCS)National Championship in Chattanooga. I know it's a bit early and I could be jinxing things, but I did the same thing last year and I actually got to go. So ha!

Let's see.. what else...
This weekend is Carmen's birthday, WOO! I will probably be working through her cookout, but hopefully I can get off from the Brush early enough to party a little bit.

Now that I've had some real bartender training from the Brush, I am anxious to make some fun layered drinks. We are getting a new drink menu but it doesn't start until sometime next week.

I can't wait to make (and try) a Dragon's Breath. It is a layered shot with Creme de Almond, Jager, and Bailey's. I know it sounds gross, but it's pretty and I want to try one. Also, we will have one called Black Gold that is Jager and Goldschlagger. I want to rename it Yosef. :)


Joan said...

You go bartender.
I wouldn't say Britney is fat but unless you are in tip top shape it was a poor costume choice. I think she surrounds herself by people who tell her what she wants to hear and pushes away the ones who speak the truth.
I'm hoping we will have a better experience at the game Saturday than last week.

Sam said...

The media is disgusting. I don't see how anyone could possibly call that fat. She looks pretty damn good to me but I don't find stick women attractive. It's no wonder teenage girls have such fucked up self-image problems.