Friday, September 21, 2007

Old School Yosef.

Last night I finally got around to cleaning and organizing my under-the-stairs closet, which has previously been the catch-all junk pile. I have a literal mountain of straight-to-Goodwill junk. Going through one of my storage bins, I found an old friend I had forotten about:

This is the polo shirt I wore to my first Appalachian game. I was in the marching band. They had ordered a batch of polos with the new yosef logo, but they hadn't come in on time. So they gave us these classic beauties, which we only used for one game, and got to keep.

I didn't appreciate how cool it was back then, but I certainly do now. I'm wearing it today at my office, to show my Appalachian Pride.


Katie said...

I love it!!! =D

Joan said...

I wore an Appalachian t-shirt to work today. My friend always says she prefers the old Yosef.
I'm missing the band this weekend. Our seats look down at them around the 35 yard line. I've already picked my favorite drum majors for the season liking the quarters they direct.

Marie said...

I think old school Yosef is hot!

Pretson said...

I love the original Yosef, nothing says Mountaineer pride quite like a corncob pipe!