Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Worth It?

Today: My face is peeling. The burn-your-retinas-bright sunburn I got at the Applachian vs. Michigan game is one of the worst I've had. Where it is peeling, the skin underneath is bright red, just like the burn was. The only spot on my face that isn't red is where I had a rub-on "A" tattoo on my cheek. It looked kind of cool on Saturday night after I took it off.

I just got my voice back yesterday. Now my glands on my neck are hurting like crazy. I guess from the screaming?

My bottom lip is swollen and so so so sore from being burnt. It hurts to eat or drink.

My head is killing me along with everything else.

And I'm so tired. Even though I went to bed earlier last night (only 1/2 an hour).

Was the biggest upset of college football history worth all this suffering?

Hell Yes.

Me at the Tailgate.


Joan said...

a 2nd "Hell Yes". I'm still dragging. The house looks like a pig pen. Laundry is still piled up. My husband has a collection of newspaper Sports sections from all over on our coffee table. I'm behind at work because I keep blogging, commenting, and reading websites about the game. I stayed up too late last night watching the condensed version of the game, etc, etc. but IT WAS WORTH IT!

Katie said...

My voice is still gone. My bottom lip is also burned. My scalp will start peeling soon and it will look like a bad case of dandruff. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep. I have yet to do laundry and I am about to run out of clean underwear. But TOTALLY worth it all.

Anonymous said...

Poor kiddo! Use some banana boat gel with aloe and lido for your face and drink lots of water!

Carmen said...

you are pretty pitiful. it makes me want to smear ice all over your face. i'm glad it was worth it, and i like your redesign.