Monday, September 17, 2007

Great things that happened this weekend:

Friday night: It was busy at the Brush, in a good way! I was even offered a job by the manager of another restaurant who is looking for a "good bartender". When I told him I was flattered but that I couldn't leave just yet, he asked if there were any other bartenders at the Brush. I told him about Sam (the girl who started the rumors), he said "yea I've seen her. I guess I'll just look somewhere else." Ha! That means he thought I was better than her :D

Saturday: The Apps beat Northern Arizona, and are now 3-0. Woo! I spy a 3-peat! Too bad I wasn't there. It was Carmen's birthday, and we had some cooking out and partying to do. I made a few of the loveliest layered shots you've ever seen. I tried a Yosef (or as they call it, a "Black Gold") which is Jagermeister and Goldschlagger. It was.. well.. gross. Oh well. I only had about 4 drinks anyways but that was definitely the strongest!

Sunday: My Buccaneers finally won a game. For the first time in years, they actually DOMINATED the game. Of course, for some strange reason they let the Saints score twice in the second half, but they still won 31 to 14. WOO HOO!

Oh and of course the most awesome thing of all, it's finally getting cold again!! It was 60 degrees at 11:00 on Saturday night! Yay! That's when I get happy!

Let's hope the rest of this week is just as nice.

It's good to be in a great mood.


Marie said...

Girl, we need to come up with a better drink called a 'Yosef' than that. That not only sounds like it tastes disgusting but I bet it smelled worse than coyote urine;)
We'll have to experiment soon....

Allison said...

ooh I love drink experimentation! How about Kahlua and Goldschlagger?