Thursday, September 06, 2007

Non-Football Related Post.. well, mostly.

Getting away from App football for today.

I'm going to take a page from one of my favorite blogger's book (literally!) and copy Mighty Girl today.

My Timeline:

1982: I was born 7 weeks early and almost killed my mom. I was a pretty sleepy baby and the parents and brothers didn't have to do much to make me happy.

Age 2: Still a perfect angel of a child, until I cut a hole in my bed skirt to let the kittens crawl under my bed. I also cut my bangs. And then I decided to give the big cat a haircut, and I cut off half of his ear.

Age 3: Begin Wee World preschool in Palmetto, Florida, discover boys. Paul Herback was my first crush.

Age 5: Start Kindergarten and discover more boys, but being a Ginger Kid can not actually catch boys.

Age 6: Family moves to North Carolina. I cried for a year about missing Florida. North Carolina is not as pretty, I thought. But then realized there were boys here too (Steve Coleman, at Aycock Elem)

Age 7: Get in trouble in 2nd grade. The boys in class convinced me to draw a picture of a naked lady. My teacher was not impressed. My mother was.

Age 11: 6th grade, first boyfriend. Chris Smith. For Christmas, I gave him a Carolina Panthers hat (it was their first year of playing) and he gave me a Green Jelly VHS.

Age 13: First Kiss, same boy, behind the dumpsters at Corriher Lipe Middle School. It wasn't what I expected. Nice, but, wet.

Age 14: Threw my first boy/girl party and played my first game of Spin the Bottle, where I had my first french kiss with Rory Miller. I inquired about his braces, which scratched my lips. Then I realized he didn't have braces, those were mine!

Age 15: Went through 3 different loser boyfriends and decide not to date boys anymore for a while and instead dress like a boy, with JNCOs and ugly t-shirts. Man was I irresistible to the lesbian world. Too bad.

Age 16: Fail driver's license test. Twice. NC DMV finally gives in after 3 tries and allows me to "legally drive". The DMV officer told me she still didn't want me to drive alone though. I probably should have listened since I totalled my first car 11 days later.

Age 17: Went to Woodstock 99 with B-rad. Realized after all the years of going to concerts and spending lots of money to get sweaty and smooshed and beat up by strangers, that I honestly don't enjoy concerts that much. Or maybe that's because I didn't drink at 17.

Age 18: Discover love the day after high school graduation. Discover college and alcohol. Discover real adulthood and independence. Discover life without Mom and brothers. Discover my Dad's helping hand. Discover serious, gut-wrenching heartache. Discover life goes on.

Age 25: Have real job, real car, real home, and real love.


Joan said...

My time line is getting too long. Enjoyed reading yours though.

Marie said...

Hey. Want to have an ASU bloggers meetup in Raley this afternoon? Can't find you email address, but I'll see if I can get in touch with Joan or KatieBonk and leave them mail cell number.

Allison said...

darn, got this too late!!

go apps!
p.s. it's